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This free multiplayer FPS looks like Minecraft with guns

Pixel Gun 3D PC Edition just launched this week, and it's turning into a breakout hit on Steam despite some negative feedback from users.

Lately, it’s been cool to see several breakout indie games make their way to the top of Steam’s trending charts, and today that game is Pixel Gun 3D. It’s the PC port of a classic mobile multiplayer game that launched this week with a coat of modern polish for desktop screens.

Pixel Gun 3D arrives on PC with over ten years’ worth of updates to the original mobile version. It’s got a very Minecraft-inspired blocky pixel look to it, and it’s a multiplayer game with a bunch of modes to pick from. The headline feature is its absurdly large weapon arsenal: there are apparently more than 1,500 guns to choose from (although we haven’t gone and counted them all ourselves). The best part is that it’s a free game, so all you’ve got to do is download it.

Developer Cubic Games studio is hoping to entice players who remember playing earlier versions of Pixel Gun 3D on their phones back to the game now that it’s on PC, and because it’s cross-platform, you can link your old Pixel Gun 3D account to Steam to start right back up where you left off.

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Players returning after long lapses have expressed some frustration with the PC edition, however. In Pixel Gun 3D’s Steam user reviews, many players say it’s now more heavily monetized than they remember, even to the point of being pay-to-win.

That’s certainly disappointing to hear, but Pixel Gun 3D is still free to play, so you’re not going to have to commit to anything just by hopping in and seeing what all the fuss is about.

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