PUBG Season 9 “features Ranked Solos for the first time”

"Ranked Season 9 will start soon and features Ranked Solos for the first time"


Earlier this month PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. announced it was “actively working on” adding Ranked Solos to the battle royale game’s modes. At the time, the studio said it was trying to implement Ranked Solos “without harming the health of other queues and modes”, but there was no timeframe given on exactly when it would arrive. Until now, that is – the dev’s revealed it’s on the way with PUBG Ranked Season 9.

Right at the bottom of a blog post on the multiplayer game’s site detailing all the PUBG Season 8 ranked rewards and goodies up for grabs, the studio reveals a little about what’s on the way with Season 9. “Ranked Season 9 will start soon and features Ranked Solos for the first time, thanks to your feedback!” the studio announces. “That’s right, starting with Season 9, you’ll finally be able to test your skills in the traditional Battle Royale format, standing alone against an entire Battleground of enemies!”

The dev adds that it’s “excited” to debut Ranked Solos in the coming season, but for now it reminds PUBG fans there’s still time to grab this season’s ranked rewards before it comes to and end.

Ranked mode came to PUBG for the first time earlier this year, but it was initially launched for TPP and FPP Squad modes. There’s no word on a specific PUBG Season 9 start date just yet, so it’s not entirely clear when players can start getting stuck into the new mode other than “soon”, as the post says. But, with Season 8 coming to an end, it looks like it’s just around the corner.

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