Team deathmatch custom mode coming soon for all PUBG players

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The new “War Mode” that quietly slipped into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds custom games this week will likely be available to all players fairly soon.

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In a post on the PUBG forums, one of the game’s community coordinators discussed War Mode’s rules and its status as an ongoing experiment in custom games, which currently can only be created by PUBG Partners.

In War Mode, squads will drop into a designated map area with a set of predetermined equipment. The goal is to score points with kills, knockdowns, and revives. If you’re killed in War Mode, you’ll respawn and be able to drop back into the map after a timer runs down.

The PUBG Corp say they’re still testing and tweaking War Mode, and that right now they’re looking at adding it to the game as a limited-time event. However, everything is still subject to change as they evaluate how it’s working with the select group of partners. If all goes as planned, though, the mode should roll out to the general PUBG playerbase in “the coming months.”

Thanks, PC Gamer.