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Vaulting won’t be coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds until November


The most recent update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been released. The update brings a new weapon and foggy weather conditions to the game, as well as making a host of general improvements to gameplay and UI.

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The two biggest changes coming to the game are the introduction of a new weapon and a new weather condition. The new weapon is the Mini-14, a lightweight semi-automatic marksman rifle. It does less damage than other marksman rifles, but compensates for that with less bullet drop-off. The other major change, foggy weather, is supposed to “hinder player sight on the map,” but it won’t occur very often.

Most of the rest of the changes are bug fixes or tweaks to UI, but there are a few notable gameplay changes. These include shadows being rendered at the same distance across all graphic options, moving the tommy gun to world spawn rather than crates, and allowing players to holster grenades even after they’ve started cooking them. There’s also a new town being added to Erangel, which you can find shortly to the east of Stalber, in the north of the map.

The update post also touches on a couple of issues that Bluehole have previously addressed. The first, and most important, is that the game’s vaulting mechanic won’t be arriving for nearly two more months. Before then, it’ll be undergoing internal testing, and will probably make its way to the test servers in early November. Bluehole have also introduced rules to prevent idling players from earning battle points, and announced that OCE servers will be getting first-person mode in duo game queues.

It’s also worth noting that Bluehole have said that they’ve moved away from their previous weekly patch schedule, opting for fewer larger patches to avoid disrupting development. However, the team does say they’re still on track to move the game out of Early Access before the end of the year.