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Edgy FPS dev says you can pirate its Steam games if they cost too much

Postal series publisher Running With Scissors says fans can pirate its FPS games if they can’t afford to buy right now, so long as they pay up in the future.

Postal Steam piracy: The Postal guy with a pirate hat and a parrot on his shoulder, standing in the middle of a canyon

The creator of the satirical Postal series Running With Scissors has permitted its fans to pirate its FPS games and even the remake of the isometric twin-stick shooter original until they have enough money to support them. This news comes during a sale of the entire Postal series on Steam during the weekend.

“We’ve been told our games are too expensive in some countries, but we’ve been using Steam’s recommended pricing for a while,” Running With Scissors says. “We trust Valve Software enough not to change this. If our games are still too expensive for you, you can pirate them until you have enough to support us.”

To give an idea of the cost of its Postal series in other countries, Running With Scissors also posts an image with the conversion rates for Postal 4 No Regerts for 40 countries, with prices ranked against the Euro for how affordable it is in that territory.

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In many cases, the game is actually cheaper when converting its price into Euros, with the Argentine Peso coming in at 78.80% cheaper. In fact, only a handful of countries on the list, namely Poland and Switzerland, will pay more than the Euro, with the Polish Zloty price being 6.85% higher and the Swiss Franc a whopping 18.74% more expensive.

Postal pirate: the Postal guy is attempting to petition a woman to put a bidet in every home. He currently has one signature.

Argentinian fans have provided some extra context in the replies to Running With Scissors.  One user, ‘Viexi,’ explains that “a 1,300 [pesos] game is actually like 2,400 [pesos] because of taxes. So no matter how cheap we still have to pay almost double”.

The post from Running With Scissos has nearly 300,000 likes, with the majority of the replies thanking the Postal creator for understanding each territory’s economic situation or providing additional context for those who don’t live in the countries where the game is cheaper.

Postal Steam piracy: A statement from Running With Scissors, creator of FPS game Postal

“Remember folks, just because we support piracy of our games, doesn’t mean we’re telling you to pirate games from other indie companies,” the developer says in a second statement.

Currently, Running With Scissors’ Steam include the open-world game Postal 4 No Regerts, Postal 2, and Postal Redux, a remake of the first game. In fact, the only mainline game not available on Steam is Postal 3, a flop now delisted on Steam due to DRM issues.

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