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New Prince of Persia game The Lost Crown gets free demo before launch

Ubisoft's upcoming Prince of Persia platformer, The Lost Crown, just got a new story trailer as well as a surprise free demo release date.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown free demo: A man with shining golden earrings and braided hair swept over his eye stares ahead, his experession serious as the sun blares behind him

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is almost here, and there’s been a lot of speculation regarding the unique platformer’s story since Ubisoft first revealed its upcoming action-adventure entry to the decades-old series. Now that The Game Awards 2023 has rolled around, we finally get to see a bit of the highly anticipated game’s lore in motion. We now have a free demo to look forward to as well ahead of The Lost Crown’s full release.

The official Prince of Persia The Lost Crown story trailer just dropped, and it’s genuinely exciting. If you’re a longtime fan of the series, this is definitely a Prince of Persia experience like no other. Its Metroidvania gameplay feels reminiscent of the 1989 original more so than the 3D entries from the 2000s, with some mind-boggling time control powers mixed in.

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Its story sees you step into the shoes of gifted young warrior Sargon as he sets off to rescue Prince Ghassan alongside fellow elite soldiers from The Immortals, a group tasked with traversing the mythological Mount Qaf to find the kidnapped royal. The Lost Crown is the series’ first game in which its titular prince is actually named, and also the first entry with a separate main character.

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Ahead of the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown release date, we’ll get to hop into the platformer during its free demo period starting Thursday, January 11. That gives us a full week to explore The Lost Crown’s high-speed combat and see where the journey to rescue the Prince of Persia will take us. Ubisoft’s dive into The Lost Crown gameplay a few months back was telling, but nothing beats a hands-on preview.

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