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Finally, a Doom vs Quake mod crossover

A new crossover Doom Quake mod is in the works from the makers of the fantastic BlooM - the Blood Doom crossover that released last year to much acclaim

A Baron of Hell stands over a Quake soldier, in this Doom Quake mod

A new Doom Quake mod crossover is in the works to bring together veteran developer id Software’s primary franchises – and two of the best FPSs on PC. The Doom/Quake crossover will merge both games and is from one of the modders behind last year’s fantastic Doom/Blood crossover ‘BlooM’.

If you’re a fan of both classic old games Doom and Blood and haven’t played BlooM, rectify that right now. The crossover mod merges the levels and styles of both games together to create a wonderfully unique hybrid. BlooM is a ridiculously fun FPS in its own right, and now one of its creators is doing the same for a Doom and Quake crossover.

Mapper and programmer Drugod and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin developer Nahuel confirmed the Doom/Quake crossover this week, which will indeed be similar to BlooM. According to Drugod, the modders will “merge enemies and maps, porting the entire Doom 1 and 2 bestiary, and making a new map merging Doom II’s map01 and E1M1 from Quake.”

You can get an early glimpse of this map in Drugod’s stream below. The modder says it should be available “soon, I hope“. With any luck, it’ll be great and the mod will get expanded to further levels.

YouTube Thumbnail

Of course, what we’re really hoping for is a Quake reboot in the style of Doom Eternal. Hopefully, that’ll be the next game announced from id Software – that’s the rumour, at least.