Classic Quake update 4 adds the Threewave CTF mod

Timed for the launch of QuakeCon 2022, Quake update 4 adds the historic Threeway CTF mod that popularised capture the flag in FPS game

Quake update 4 CTF mod: A blue player defends their base in Quake Capture the Flag mode

Quake update 4 is out, timed to coincide with the kick-off of this year’s QuakeCon, and it adds the classic capture the flag mod Threewave CTF to the modern version of the old-school FPS game. Originally published in 1996, Threewave CTF was an instant hit, and helped popularise a game mode that would eventually be included in all the big multiplayer shooters for decades to come.

Threewave CTF uses standard capture the flag rules: your job is to invade the enemy’s base, take their flag, and return it to your base – while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Threewave CTF added a few distinctively Quake elements in the form of power-up runes that provide damage resistance, speed boosts, or other buffs to the holder.

The mod also introduced a new traversal tool for Quake in the form of the grappling hook. Replacing the axe melee weapon, the grappling hook could be used to zip around a map by attaching to walls and quickly yanking the player in that direction. You can also use it on other players, and it’ll damage them – but it’s worth bearing in mind that this leaves you completely open to return fire from the grappled player.

It’s not a big stretch to imagine that the meathook found in Doom Eternal had its origins in Threewave CTF’s grappling hook.

The version of Threewave CTF included in Quake Update 4 for the Quake remaster has nine of the original maps, each with enhanced lighting and fog effects, so they look better than ever. The update also fixes a few bugs, like fiends’ arms clipping through floors when they die, and the ability to auto-aim debug variables in multiplayer.

The update is free for the new Steam version of Quake.