Here’s 45 fresh minutes of Rage 2 gameplay

CohhCarnage got to stream about 45 minutes of Bethesda and Avalanche's upcoming open world shooter Rage 2 recently.

There’s less than a month left until Rage 2 comes out, which means it’s about time to get hyped up by watching influencers get a crack at it ahead of time. Streamer CohhCarnage attended a Rage 2 event found out his capture setup hadn’t worked – so the folks from Bethesda went to his house and got him set up to stream some raw gameplay to his fans.

Cohh got about 45 minutes worth of gametime in, if you subtract the time he took loading back up after a crash that happened after he inadvertently hit alt-tab. There’s some placeholder art in the menus, and he didn’t have access to all the options that will be available in the launch build, but from the looks of things, Rage 2 is a pretty good ol’ time.

As might befit a game co-developed with Avalanche, the studio behind Just Cause, Rage 2 features a ton of vehicles, some of which are literally bristling with over-the-top weaponry. The map looks gigantic, too – while Ali was concerned about the world feeling a bit empty when he got a hands-on a few months ago, the newer build Cohh was playing seems pretty lively.

Cohh even gets distracted at one point, going after a massive vehicle convoy reminiscent of the big vehicular fights from Avalanche’s Mad Max. Once he buckles down and starts tracking down map markers, it’s more along the lines of the original Rage, and what we’ve seen in pre-release trailers: bright colors, violent fights, gory explosions.

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We also get a bit of a look at the weapon upgrades and skill trees, both of which are a fair step beyond what I would have expected. Just about everything you can use in the game seems upgradeable somehow, with weapons often having multiple options along their upgrade paths.


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Rage 2 comes out May 14. Cohh says in the video that there’s an FOV slider and the option to turn off motion blur, but beyond that, we’ll have to wait until launch to find out how it performs on our PCs.