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id boss Tim Willits is in Rage 2, wearing crocs, eating rats, and defecating in public

The unflattering recreation of the id boss can be found in one of Rage 2’s main hub areas

The post-apocalypse can be an oppressive place at the best of times, and some undoubtedly cope with it better than others. One person having an especially bad time of it in Rage 2 is a rather unfortunate – and apparently incontinent – boss of developer id Software, Tim Willits.

A particularly vulnerable and unhygienic NPC named ‘Wimothy Tiliits’ can be discovered in one of the main hub areas of Wellspring. In an image that will undoubtedly stick in the mind even amid the blood-red sprays of viscera you’ll encounter often in your time with Rage 2, this thinly veiled, uncomplimentary vision sees this NPC evacuating his bowels in public, probably eating rats, and wearing bright yellow slippers.

This frankly upsetting scene is pretty easy to find, making Wimothy either shameless, completely comfortable in his own disgusten skin, or quite the exhibitionist: just turn right as soon as you enter Wellspring, follow the alleyway down to the end, and you can’t miss him – although you’ll probably want to.

There’s not a scrap of toilet paper in sight – but that most likely comes at a premium in the Wasteland, I imagine – and a nauseating concoction of I-don’t-know-what caked up his legs. Honestly, despite vigorous office debate, I can’t even decide on the worst part.

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Now I’m sure that this version of Willits has no bearing on reality, but at least he’s not the only intriguingly-named character that can be found in the game. Over the course of my Rage 2 PC review, I encountered the likes of ‘DognBone von Carrotcake’, ‘Watson Whoopinkoff’, and ‘Gobshite’.

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We knew before the follow-up to the 2011 original that, even though Avalanche would take the lead on crafting the game’s open world, that id’s trademark FPS pace and energy would be all over it. However, we didn’t expect their boss to appear smothered in human waste. Thankfully, although the sequel had its issues, they were nowhere near as bad as this.