Rainbow Six movie gets John Wick director, Black Panther star

The Rainbow Six movie starring Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther and Creed will be helmed by the director of John Wick, based on the Ubisoft FPS game

Rainbow Six movie gets John Wick director, Black Panther star. A man in glasses with a moustache, Warden from Rainbow Six Siege, aims a handgun

The upcoming Rainbow Six movie will be directed by Chad Stahelski of the John Wick series, and star Black Panther, Creed, and The Wire actor Michael B. Jordan, though it may be inspired by the Tom Clancy novel series of the same name more than Ubisoft’s FPS game Rainbow Six Siege.

After directing the original John Wick in 2014, Stahelski has helmed every entry into the Keanu Reeves-led action series since, including the upcoming John Wick Chapter 4, set for release in March.

Michael B. Jordan, whose breakout role in 2013’s Fruitvale Station earned him further successes in Rocky spin-off series Creed and the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, is set to reprise his role as John Clark, the Navy SEAL and CIA operative at the centre of 2021 thriller Without Remorse. Clark is also the main character in Tom Clancy’s original Rainbow Six novel.

Though no plot details have been confirmed, Jordan’s casting might suggest the Rainbow Six movie will follow the story and world of the novels more than the Ubisoft shooter series and Rainbow Six Siege.

Personally, I’d love to see Killmonger go up against Maverick, Sledge, and the other best Rainbow Six Siege operators. But I imagine the movie will be more of a cerebral thriller, in the vein of other Tom Clancy adaptations, than two hours of guys blowing each other up with bomb drones.

No release date for the Rainbow Six movie has been set, though production company Paramount plans to release the film theatrically, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rainbow Six Siege, meanwhile, has released a new collaboration with wrestling promotion WWE, adding The Undertaker and Becky Lynch as new operator skins.

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