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Rainbow Six Siege’s Bandit gets a Hell’s Angel makeover for his elite skin

Bandit's thuggish new look has proved divisive, but it fits his backstory perfectly

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Bandit is the latest Rainbow Six Siege operator to get an elite skin. Inspired by his days as an undercover agent, he looks like he’s walked straight out of a German prison.

Bandit’s thuggish new look has divided fans, with the most-liked reply to the leak from Obutu on Twitter reading simply “please tell me this is a joke”. As another reply points out, though, the skin perfectly fits his backstory: Bandit worked with the Bundespolizei and its elite tactical unit, Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG 9), on counter-terrorist operations. He went undercover to combat groups such as the Red Army Faction and the Hannover chapter of the Hell’s Angels, with whom he was embedded for four years, so this explains where he got the tattoos and leather jacket.

Siege’s elite skins are often inspired by the relevant character’s backstory, or the history of the units they serve. For example, Thatcher’s elite skin is inspired by the uniform his unit – the SAS – wore in perhaps their most famous operation, the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege.

You can check out Bandit’s elite skin in the original tweet from Obutu, below:

Siege is heading to a land down under in the latest season, with Operation Burnt Horizon coming a couple of weeks into March. We’ve got plenty of coverage on everything it’ll bring, including Jordan’s take on the new Burnt Horizon operators, Ash’s ACOG nerf, and why there won’t be an Operation Health 2.0.

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Bandit isn’t the only operator soon to get a makeover with the new season. Hibana’s elite skin has been officially revealed, and will release on March 6. Bandit fans will have to wait a little longer, but with the assets ready and in the wild, he’s quite clearly next in line.