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Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators officially revealed, here are their loadouts

Information on new Rainbow Six Siege operators Clash and Maverick has streadily trickled out ahead of their official reveal, but today Ubisoft unveiled the duo for real, providing a rundown on the new ops’ abilities, loadouts, and backgrounds.

Clash and Maverick arrive with Operation Grim Sky, Siege’s latest expansion that launches in September. Both carry potentially meta-shifting gadgets that have important implications for how Siege is played.

On the attacker side, there’s Erik “Maverick” Thorn. After a period of being listed as missing in action in Afghanistan, Maverick returned to the Unit carrying a specialized blowtorch. We’ve seen his blowtorch before, and noted its ability to cut holes in hard surfaces. However, Ubisoft has revealed today that the quiet Surrey torch won’t be able to cut large openings in reinforced walls. Instead, it can be used to create murder holes and small holes to crawl through, and it can cut through just about anything – including floor hatches, Castle’s barricades, and reinforced walls. The blowtorch runs on fuel, and Maverick carries a few of them into each round.

Maverick is a one-armor, three-speed operator, and for his primary weapon he has a choice between an M4 and an AR-15 DMR that’s been customized to fire powerful .50 caliber rounds.

The new defender is Morowa “Clash” Evans, a veteran of London’s Metropolitan Police Force and a member of the Specialist Firearms Command, SCO19. Clash’s gadget is also her primary weapon – it’s an extending ballistic crowd-control electro (CCE) shield equipped with two taser devices mounted at about eye level. The tasers slow and damage enemies who get close, and the shield effectively stops rushes. The shield can run out of charge, and Clash won’t be able to use it again until it’s had time to recharge.

Clash can’t hip-fire, melee, or aim down sights while the shield is activated, but she can carry either a machine pistol or normal pistol as a sidearm. She is a three-armor, one-speed operator.

Both Clash and Maverick will debut with Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Grim Sky. The Grim Sky release date hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but our best guess is that it’ll launch September 4.