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Rainbow Six Siege’s Lesion has a new high-tech elite skin

Lesion's new elite set is a high-tech armored scuba outfit.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Phantom Sight is introducing a brand new elite set for one of its operators, as expected. Ubisoft revealed the new elite skin today at the Pro League Season IX Finals in Milan, and it’s a futuristic armored set called the Nano-Tox 32.

Lesion’s elite set swaps his ballistic vest and T-shirt for a set of segmented, high-impact armor over what appears to be a chemical-resistant, waterproof bodysuit. The bandolier of poison injector ampules on his chest has shifted down to his waist, and the outfit includes an oxygen mask that pipes breathable air from his back.

As with many of Rainbow Six Siege’s elite skins, Lesion’s new elite set takes inspiration from the character’s backstory. While working with his father on an old ship while he was a boy, Lesion fell into an oil tank and swallowed some of the toxic water. His elite set seems designed to prevent that from ever happening again. The armor over his chest and midsection would come in handy while on explosive ordnance disposal duty, and the oxygen mask means he can diffuse underwater mines.

Ubisoft unveiled the skin today at the Pro League Season IX Finals in Milan. Here’s a look at Lesion’s new elite set.

Our best guess at the Operation Phantom Sight release date is June 11, with three weeks of testing on the TTS beforehand.

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Operation Phantom Sight marks Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 4, Season 2 of content, and it’s coming with changes to ranked mode, the Kafe Dostoyevsky map, and the way the game handles reverse friendly fire.
Lesion’s new elite set will be available when Phantom Sight goes live.