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Siege patch fixes the weird Salvador Dali menu glitch

Rainbow Six Siege patch Y7S3.1 corrects the bug that was making Grim go all wobbly in the menu, and makes it easier to see when grenades are cooking off

Rainbow Six Siege patch Y7S3.1: Operator Grim appears with arms bizarrely stretched and bent at odd angles, with his boonie hat askew, in the Rainbow Six Siege main menu

Rainbow Six Siege patch Y7S3.1 is out, and it makes at least one change you’ll probably notice right away. According to the patch notes, the bug that was causing new operator Grim to appear with ‘stretched textures’ in the multiplayer game’s menu has been fixed. There are some additional minor tweaks and fixes as well, including one for the crosshairs blinking while you’re cooking frags.

Ubisoft has discussed the menu glitch with Grim as a texture stretching bug, but that kind of undersells what’s been happening. Since the launch of Operation Brutal Swarm, which introduced Siege’s new Singaporean attacker, Grim has been occasionally appearing in the showcase slot of Siege’s main menu looking like he’s been physically assaulted by Salvador Dali’s subconscious.

Here’s a fan video that shows the bug in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

Elsewhere in the patch notes, Ubisoft says it’s corrected an issue that stopped the crosshairs from blinking while you’re cooking off a frag grenade. This is a somewhat more impactful update, since many players use the blinking of the crosshairs to gauge when to throw their frags. That ought to work again as of this patch.

The patch also makes it so that players can see icons for Lesion’s gu mines through walls when they enter an observation tool, and Vigil’s ERC-7 will no longer prevent him from being pinged by Grim’s hive.

Update Y7S3.1 weighs in 1.33 GB on Ubisoft Connect and 1.6 GB on Steam, and it’s available to download now.