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Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight operator loadouts fully revealed

A couple of leaks have given us way more detail on the Phantom Sight loadouts

Today, Ubisoft fully revealed the operator loadouts for the latest Rainbow Six Siege season, albeit accidentally. The Phantom Sight TTS appears to have gone live early, and though the new operators weren’t playable, players did manage to find loadout screens running down everything to expect from the Y4S2 operators.

Nøkk is a two speed, two armour attacker, outfitted with a gadget called HEL Presence Reduction. This “wipes Nøkk’s image from observation tools and reduces her noise, with exceptions.” She can equip with an FMG-9 SMG, SIX12 SD shotgun, and 5.7 USG or D-50 handguns. Gadget options include claymores and breach charges.

Warden is our one speed, three armour defender, equipped with Glance Smart Glasses. This gadget “improves visibility” through smoke as long as Warden stands still, and it can also be activated to mitigate the effects of flash attacks. His weapons include the M590A1 shotgun, MPX SMG, P-10C handgun, and SMG-12 pistol. Warden’s gadget picks are deployable shields and barbed wire.

You’ll note a serious lack of new weapons among those loadouts (which you can see in full on Reddit), unlike previous new operator releases. Some players are speculating that these are placeholder weapons, but that seems unlikely at this point, since the TTS should go live for real some time next week, and the early trailers have shown the new ops with these weapons equipped.

Oh, and Ubisoft also leaked the new Warden trailer above. (Oops.) It was initially pulled, but it’s back online after everyone realised you can’t actually delete things from the internet.

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We’re cruising along on the Year 4 roadmap, and Phantom Sight is the next major stop on the road through Siege’s 2019. We’ll see much more official info on the new season at the Pro League Finals this weekend.

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