Rainbow Six Siege LMGs get big buffs on the latest TTS

rainbow six siege lmg buff

Judging by the changes on the latest test server, the next Rainbow Six Siege patch is set to be a doozy. There’s a big change to the recoil system, and a significant nerf for Lion – and that’s just what’s in the patch notes. There’s also been a change aimed at fixing dropshotting, and another undocumented update suggests we’ll soon see some more powerful LMGs.

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As noted on Reddit, three LMGs are set for boosted damage numbers. Zofia’s LMG-E will go from 32 to 41, Capitao’s M249 will increase from 34 to 48, and Ying’s T-95 LSW will jump from 34 to 43.

Those are some substantial buffs, which should help bring those weapons back into the meta, since so many of them have been forced out of play lately.

Some recent leaks also suggest a new LMG is on the way as part of the next season, in possession of one of the new Italian operators, similarly leaked with the names Maestro and Alibi.