Here’s the release date for Rainbow Six Siege’s Lion nerf

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera Lion

Update, April 30: Lion’s nerfs come to live Siege tomorrow.

Rainbow Six Siege’s 1.2 patch goes live tomorrow, May 1, on PC. This patch includes many of the balance changes we saw in the last test server, though it seems new features like the bulletproof cams will be held back a while longer.

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The biggest part of this update is the long-awaited Lion nerf, which alters how the operator’s scan ability works to give opponents a slightly better shot at escape. This patch also includes the LMG damage buffs and changes for Operators like Jager, Blitz, Vigil, Hibana, and Ying. You can check out the full patch notes here.

We expect items like bulletproof cams, Echo’s extra Yokai drone, and the Pick and Ban phase to hit with the launch of Year 3 Season 2, but details on that rollout have yet to be confirmed.

Original story, March 28:One of Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operators is getting nerfed. Lion, who was introduced to the game as part of Operation Chimera, is being scaled back after a powerful debut.

Patch notes on the game’s test server read that “We understand that Lion is not in a good place right now. We will have more insight coming in an overall game balance blog at a later date.”

The nerfs are three-fold, and all relate specifically to Lion’s scanning ability. Most notably, the scan will now stop reading you as soon as you stop moving, making it more difficult for Lion players to pinpoint your position (as long as it doesn’t change). You also won’t be able to use the scan as regularly – the number of charges you can store has dropped to two (from three) and they now take twice as long to recharge (20 seconds, rather than ten).

The patch also introduces weapon recoil changes. You can check out the rest of patch in its entirety courtesy of this helpful Reddit thread.