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Rainbow Six Siege is sending custom congratulations videos to its players

The videos contain personalized stats on recent match performance.

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If you’re a Rainbow Six Siege player, you may have noticed an email from Ubisoft in your inbox recently. In it, you’ll find a link to a custom video congratulating you on your performance in a recent match. Ubisoft is making the videos for everyone playing Siege, and you’ll be get a new one each week as long as you’re actively playing.

The video is kind of a sizzle reel of Siege footage, with superimposed text that contains info on a recent match. The text highlights kill-death ratios, your teammates’ names, and how many rounds you won (and died in). It ends by thanking players for being part of the Rainbow Six Siege community, and inviting you to play each week for more highlights.

It’s a touching gesture, but one that tends to (somewhat hilariously) highlight less-than-stellar performance almost as much as terrific plays. As one redditor found, sometimes you’ll just be congratulated simply for staying alive, if the game can’t find anything else to for which to give kudos.

“Mine said ‘you were always in the middle of the fight, because you died twice,'” one commenter wrote. “Yes thank you I know I’m bad.”

Here’s an example video:

Checked my email today and ubisoft made this for all their players and will continue doing it weekly from Rainbow6

Other players have speculated about what their videos might be like.

“You are a pathetic specimen of the human species and we would all rather you be classified as a potato, which is incidentally how you play [S]iege,” wrote one.

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Self-loathing aside, Ubisoft has come up with a neat way to keep its players engaged with the game, and nobody is actually going to be called a potato, even if – like me – they completely deserve it.