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Rainbow Six Siege reputation system will remain in beta for now

Ubisoft says it still has issues to iron out in the Rainbow Six Siege reputation system, which is meant to reward good behavior and punish toxicity.

Sledge using a mallet to take out a security camera. He's one of the Rainbow Six Siege operators getting nerfed in Crystal Guard.

Ubisoft has been working on implementing an advanced reputation system into Rainbow Six Siege for quite a while now, and since Year 8 season 4, the system has been present in Siege in a beta state. For the time being, it’s going to stay in beta – Ubisoft says the system still isn’t behaving consistently enough and requires further improvement before it’s fully implemented.

The Rainbow Six Siege teams investigating the reputation system have found that players are getting flagged for communications penalties, both verbal and text, at “a higher rate than expected.” These have since been disabled “until we can implement further levers to ensure that all penalties given are fair, while also providing players a clear path to improvement,” the company says.

Another change made as Year 9 kicks off is a fix to the FPS game‘s commendation system. In theory, these are meant to improve a player’s standing, but in practice the teams found that these effects were being delayed, and players were left with lower standing than they were meant to have. Ubisoft says it’s addressed this issue, and that commendations should promptly update players’ standing when they’re received.

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As envisioned, the reputation system will give every player an idea of their reputation in the game with a “standing” label: generally, “respectable” should be the goal, and Ubisoft says that this is meant for players who aren’t causing problems for others, who are playing carefully and conscientiously, and generally “making Siege enjoyable for players around you.” It’s possible to slip into the “disruptive” category by failing to meet these goals all the time, but Ubisoft says that shouldn’t be taken as inherently negative – maybe someone just got a bit rowdy during a heated match. It’s when things slip into “dishonorable” that there’s a problem – Ubisoft says that means “there are clear negative trends.”

Given that so much of what’s being measured by the reputation system hinges on human communications, which can take on a whole spectrum of potential meanings depending on countless contextual factors, this is a massively complicated task, and Ubisoft says the system just isn’t accurate enough yet to implement any planned “impacts” (read: reputation-based penalties).

“Impacts based on your Standing will no longer be introduced in Y9S2 and will instead come in a later season,” Ubisoft says. “We’ll be sharing more information soon on when you can expect to see impacts and the full release of the Reputation System. The deployment of impacts will also be announced ahead of time so that players can be prepared. Once this feature does go live, we’ll be monitoring the system closely and listening to your feedback on the update.”

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