Here are the full Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides loadouts

Want to know exactly what Kali and Wamai bring to the party? Here are their kits in full

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai

The upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Shifting Tides, is only a few weeks away, and Ubisoft has unveiled its new operators and their kit in full at the Rainbow Six Pro League Season X Finals in Tokoname, Japan.

Our new operators are designed to be alternative picks for classic operators like Jäger, Thatcher, and Glaz, which should help ease any frustration caused during the pick and ban phase. Shifting Tides also adds the first new weapon to Rainbow Six Siege since Operation Burnt Horizon at the start of the year, so there’s plenty of reason to look forward to the Shifting Tides release date.

While you may have already seen the shiny new bolt-action sniper rifle, or the fact that our new defender can equip an assault rifle, we’ve got their full loadouts detailed below so you can start assembling your ideal build ahead of launch. So without any further flimflamming, here’s what Indian attacker Kali and Kenyan defender Wamai add to Siege’s ever-growing meta.

Rainbow Six Siege Kali loadout

The new Indian attacker’s main gadget is the LV Explosive Lance, which is fired from an underbarrel on her CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle. The Lance bores into any surface and creates an explosion on both sides that will wipe out any and all gadgets within range. The range of the explosion isn’t quite as large as the area of effect of Thatcher’s EMP grenades so she’s not a like-for-like replacement for Thatcher. However, the fact that she can take out Mute, Kaid, and Bandit devices through reinforced walls make her a very tempting pick.

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Her CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle is almost a gadget in of itself. This sniper will down an enemy at any range and through multiple soft walls with a single shot to the torso, meaning Kali is unrivalled in terms of stopping power. The sniper has a variable zoom scope that can switch between 5x and 12x, so she can handle mid to very long-ranges with ease. And if you think that means she’s poor in close-quarters, guess again: Kali can take the C75 Auto machine-pistol as one of her secondary weapons. Alternatively, she can take the P226 – but it’s hard to spot a reason why you’d pick it over the machine-pistol. Kali can take either Breach Charges or a Claymore as her second gadget, and surprisingly, she’s a two armour, two speed operator.

Rainbow Six Siege Wamai loadout

Wamai’s gadget is the Mag-NET System, which suck up throwables and detonate them wherever the gadget is placed. One Mag-NET can handle one projectile but they recharge as the round goes on, much like Lesion’s Gu Mines. Interestingly, these can also affect Asphyxiating Bolts, redirecting deadly payloads of fire away from their intended path. This can be helpful or disastrous, depending on whether you have a teammate positioned in the new danger zone.

Wamai’s primary weapon choices are the Aug A2 or MP5K, meaning he’s the first new defender to carry an assault rifle, although it’s important to note that you can’t equip an ACOG to the Aug, so it’s not too powerful. His pistol choices are just as strong: you can pick between the Rhino or P12. Finally, Wamai can bring along either Barbed Wire or a Deployable Shield as his second gadget. Like Kali, Wamai is also a two armour, two speed, so he can seamlessly transition between an anchor and roamer role.

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