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This 8/10 Razer gaming handheld has $100 off on Amazon right now

Razer Edge has great mobile and cloud gaming ability with Xbox and Nvidia GeForce Now, all on a stunning 6.8 inch AMOLED, 144Hz screen.

Doom running on the Razer Edge via Nvidia GeForce Now

While the Spring Sale might be over, there are still plenty of stunning savings to be found on Amazon right now. This Razer Edge deal is among the best we can find, with a massive $100 off the price of this innovative portable gaming handheld.

Our 8/10 Razer Edge review praised the device for its revolutionary Nexus software and brilliant cloud gaming capabilities. While we were also left wanting a little bit more, we still consider it to be among the best handheld gaming PCs, specifically for its mobile and cloud capabilities.

Right now on Amazon, the Razer Edge WiFi-only model is $299.99, a 25% saving from its $399.99 MSRP. We don’t often see such big price drops on this device, as it only launched on Amazon late last year.

Powered by the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 CPU, and boasting a 6.8-inch, 144Hz AMOLED display, the Edge excels at native mobile gaming performance, and the included Kishi V2 Pro controller will give you a big advantage over the competition.

Cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass or Nvidia GeForce Now is also a breeze, with games looking incredible thanks to the vibrant display. We do have concerns over many games’ compatibility with the native 2,880 x 1,080 resolution, which sometimes leads to screen space being lost to empty black space, but it’s only one small concern against a wealth of positives.

If you plan to use the Razer Edge primarily as a mobile gaming device, it comes with 128GB internal storage, which is expandable via one of the best microSD cards to up to 2TB. This is particularly useful, seeing as even mobile game file sizes are starting to get hard to control lately.

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