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Razer’s first vibrating gaming chair is the Enki Pro Hypersense

Razer Enki Pro Hypersense gaming chair goes brrr

Razer's vibrating gaming chair sits against a green aura

Following the release of the Razer Iskur, the company went big with its vision for gaming chairs in CES 2021. Now, we might not get Project Brooklyn’s retractable folding screens, RGB lighting, or built-in desk for your mouse and keyboard any time soon, but its new Razer Enki Pro Hypersense does include haptic feedback thanks to its partnership with D-Box.

Razer originally teased the concept of its vibrating seat even earlier, way back at IFA 2018, when Hypersense technology first debuted in the Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset. Since then, the company has fine-tuned its haptic feedback to be a much more elegant solution, with the Razer Kraken 3 Hypersense proving that it can be a good thing to give your head a wobble every now and then.

Baked into a chair, the aim is to improve immersion as the seat responds to your entertainment. So far, there are currently over 2,200 supported songs, movies, and games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Forza Horizon 5, and F1 2021. And if your favourite games aren’t supported, you can lean on Direct Input Haptics to generate physical feedback from your controller, keyboard, and mouse clicks.

The Enki Pro Hypersense uses the same 22-inch seat and 100-degree shoulder arches as the original Enki, with the main difference being the chonky box on the base. According to Razer, this is capable of 65,000 haptic variations with a latency of 5ms.

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Razer hasn’t revealed the pricing or availability of the Enki Pro Hypersense, but we can expect it’ll be expensive. Cooler Master’s Motion 1 vibrating gaming chair, which is also made in collaboration with D-Box, is estimated to cost around $1,999.99 to $2,299.99, although listings never did go live ahead of its estimated Q1 2022 release date.

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