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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw pokes fun at Star Citizen in new trailer

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the upcoming prequel to Rebel Galaxy, but it’s also heading into a market dominated by the two big names of space sims. Developer Double Damage Games has decided to take this issue on directly by making fun of one of their competitors.

“If you like loud music, big greasy explosions, ridiculously unrealistic space flight, seedy bars, dingy billiards tables, and exceptionally sexy aliens, then this just might be the game you’re looking for,” says Sandar D’Truz, speaking directly into the camera for a new PSA. “Please send $1,000 to Double Damage Games to receive an image of the ship you’d like to eventually buy in our game once we finish designing it, and we’ll get you on the list.”

It’s a pretty explicit shot across the bow of Star Citizen, which is known for (among other things) offering extremely expensive ship designs for players who want to back the game’s development.

But old Sandar is just having a bit of fun.

“The game will be thirty bucks, and we hope you like it,” he says with his characteristic scowl.

Here’s the video, so you can get a sense of the kind of humor Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is likely to center around.

Sandar also points out that unlike its predecessor, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will allow for Y-axis flight. He explains that this is due to people complaining about it on the internet after Rebel Galaxy launched.

“So there you go. Additional proof that complaining on the internet is super effective,” he said. “And we’re part of the problem.”

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is due out sometime in 2019.