RDR2 Etta Doyle legendary bounty guide: tracking down Etta Doyle in Red Dead Online

Hunt the latest Legendary Bounty with our guide to catching Etta Doyle in Red Dead Online

rdr2 etta doyle guide

There’s a new Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary bounty available now in the form of Etta Doyle. RDR2 legendary bounties can feel a little bit at odds with how you may want to play if you like to be an outlaw, but they’re an excellent source of RDR2 money, experience, and a great opportunity to do something a little more meaningful, too. These activities are what make this one of the best open-world games and western games available on PC.

Of course, knowing about your target is only the first step in chasing down any bounty, let alone a legendary one. Bounties were properly introduced alongside the Frontier Pursuits a couple of months ago. They’re one of the three job types that you can take on alongside Trading and Collecting. All three of these roles can be unlocked via unique means, but most of us will simply have to cough up the 15 Gold Bars for each of them.

It’s a pricey entry fee, but they do add a bit of variety and meaning to the occasionally repetitive Red Dead Online rhythm. Hunting Etta Doyle in RDR2 will help you rank up quickly as a Bounty Hunter, but you’ll need to go in prepared if you want to come out alive.

Red Dead Online Etta Doyle guide

As mentioned, you’ll need to actually become a Bounty Hunter first, which means heading to Rhodes and inspecting the Bounty board. If you’ve linked your Twitch Prime with your Rockstar Social Club account, then you should be able to avoid the 15 Gold Bar entry fee; otherwise you’ll need to cough up the gold first.

rdr2 etta doyle bounty board

Now that’s sorted, it’s time to take the bounty itself which is on the right-hand side of the board. Doing so will initiate a cutscene detailing the misdeeds of Etta Doyle, explaining why there is a bounty on her head, and automatically transporting you to the right location.

Capturing Etta Doyle

So, here’s the bad news; you actually have to bring in this indomitable badass alive, which really limits your options. The first thing you’ll need to do is find somewhere to hide. There are plenty of options, but it’s worth going up high if you can, as you’ll have a better view.

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Your job here is to identify which of the four potential suspects is Etta Doyle, who can be recognised by a long scar on her right cheek. It’s not an easy task, but if you can manage it you can capture her then and there before shooting everyone else dead – after all, nobody said anything about keeping the rest alive.

etta doyle vantage point

If they notice you before you succeed, then you’ll have to give chase. The ‘Etta Doyles’ have a different icon to the other enemies, so don’t worry about taking out the regular enemies as they try and gun you down. You’ll need to catch up to the Ettas and capture them with your lasso to check them. The real one for us was riding on a carriage, but it could be that yours is elsewhere. Your best bet is to simply try and capture all of them.
Once you’ve done so, you’ll have to put Etta Doyle on your RDR2 best horse and ride her to jail. She’ll talk a lot along the way, and you can choose to hit her, but she actually gets really annoyed if you ignore her, and that’s quite cathartic in and of itself.

Once you’ve reached your destination, you’ll have completed this Red Dead Online legendary bounty and will get your reward. Your reward, in this case, is $60.00, 16 Gold Nuggets, a whopping 925 XP, and 900 Bounty Hunter XP. All in all, a very profitable undertaking for a budding RDR2 Bounty Hunter.

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