Red Dead Online’s weekly update offers slim pickings

There's not a whole lot going on in Rockstar's multiplayer cowboy game this week

Red Dead Redemption PC

This week’s update for Red Dead Online is a light one, gang: in the multiplayer game portion of Red Dead Redemption 2, the focus is on the Collector role, and you’ll find several discounts for players on that career track. You’ll be hunting the Deep Blue collection this week, as Outlaw Pass 4 winds down into its final days.

This week’s discounts include 40% off the Pennington shovel and the metal detector, 33% off the Collector role, and 30% off boots and vests, Criollo horses, and weapon/ammo pamphlets. You’ll also be able to pick up some limited-time clothing, including the Cossack hat, Boutell hat, Macbay jacket, winter shotgun coat, Morales vest, darned stockings, Calhoun boots, Shaffer chaps, and furred gloves.

You can earn $95 for turning the Deep Blue collection in to Madam Nazar. That includes the Tully monster fossil, the cephalopod fossil, and a rock bass. As we’ve noted in the past, if you’d like to make short work of any collection or bounty missions you want to complete, you can always refer to Jean Ropke’s invaluable Red Dead Online Map. It updates with each reset with the current locations of everything in Red Dead that isn’t nailed down, and a lot of stuff that is.

As the Red Dead Online Community Newswire notes, there are no new telegram missions this week, but you can expect more boat theft and posse missions in the near future. Rockstar has said RDO will be getting more solo content soon, too.

Outlaw Pass 4 ends in less than two weeks, so if you’ve got outstanding tiers to complete on that, best get busy. You can check out more of the best open-world games on PC in our handy list.