Best Redfall Devinder build and skills

Here’s the best Devinder build and skills to use in Redfall to shock the vampiric presence into submission whether in single-player or multiplayer.

Redfall Devinder build: a medium shot of Devinder, a man in a yellow jacket, sitting down.

Looking for the best Redfall Devinder build? Staking vampires is hard work, but knowing how to use your character’s best skills makes it much more of a breeze. Devinder is a good choice for Redfall solo players, so we’re going to break down his best build and skills to help you get the most out of him. We’d argue that there’s one major pathway to do this, but you’ll of course have leeway to add skills as you see fit, as many of them are useful in various situations.

If you’re just starting out in Redfall, you may be wondering who is the best Redfall character, or which of the best Redfall weapons to seek out first. Plus, be sure to check out our Redfall review for our final verdict on Arkane’s latest FPS game. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what Devinder can do.

Best Redfall Devinder build

The best Redfall Devinder skills are:

  • Vampire Slayer 1
  • Night Hunter
  • Go Get ‘Em, Dev
  • Reverse Entropy
  • Lumen Intensity
  • Photo Sharpening

Redfall Devinder build: a screenshot of Devinder's skill tree.

Redfall skills are mostly broken into several categories. You’ve got all three of a character’s main abilities, shared skills on the right, and four unique skills at the top. The shared skills mostly deal with ammo and health, so you’re going to want to tailor that to your own preferences. You’ll likely be most hard up for stake gun ammo, so the Vampire Slayer I skill is good to have.

As for unique skills, there are two that we’d strongly recommend for Devinder. First there’s Night Hunter, which makes vampires go into a weakened state faster and stay that way for longer. The other unique skill is Go Get ‘Em, Dev, which causes Devinder to do extra damage to enemies shortly after they notice him. This effectively allows him to run straight up to enemies, shotgun them in the face, and then watch as they crumple to the ground.

His other two skills focus on accruing additional salvage and boosting ally damage, but salvage isn’t particularly important and the latter skill is only useful in co-op, so only grab it if you’re playing with others. The rest of the meat in Devinder’s effectiveness rests in his abilities.

Redfall Devinder build: Devinder firing at enemies with a glowing weapon.

In terms of usefulness, the Arc Javelin is Devinder’s best tree to focus on. When fully upgraded, this ability will help evaporate vampires in record time. Normally, you just throw the javelin and it sticks to a surface or enemy and gives off electric pulses. But, once upgraded, it does a ton of base damage. Considering the follow-up electrical damage, it becomes one of Devinder’s most effective qualities. But there are still a few other skills to grab outside of this tree.

One of Devinder’s best skills, Reverse Entropy, is found in the Translocate tree. Whenever anyone uses the translocator with this skill purchased, they’ll heal a considerable amount of health. We’d also recommend Lumen Intensity and Photo Sharpening in the Blacklight tree, as they increase the radius and duration of Devinder’s super. But it probably won’t help out as much as a maxed-out Arc Javelin tree.

Redfall Devinder build: Devinder throwing a stake at a group of enemies.

The final upgrade in this tree causes electrical pulses to chain to multiple enemies when just one is hit. With the other skills, you and your team will also do more damage when in range of the ability, plus you’ll increase the range, damage, and frequency of the pulses that the javelin generates. This ability is really quite indispensable to Devinder’s overall kit. Not only is it highly effective against vampires, but you can throw it into a group of enemies and watch as they get stunlocked. With all of this in mind, Devinder’s build and skills will certainly be useful when playing Redfall alone or as part of a team.

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