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Remnant 2 co-op explained - how to join friends

Remnant 2 co-op isn’t unlocked right away, so if you’re planning on recruiting some friends to help you around Ward 13, here’s what you need to know.

How do you join friends in Remnant 2? If you’re in the early stages of the tough adventure game, you might be wondering how to grant your friends access to Ward 13. Unfortunately, co-op isn’t available from the moment you load up the game for the first time, so we’ve battled through the early stages of Remnant II to find out just when you invite your fellow paxulteks to join you.

Like its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes, Remnant 2 is better played with friends thanks to its notoriously challenging gameplay and bosses. With a range of archetypes to choose from as well, you can craft the perfect rounded team with healers, tanks, and shooters, so before you and your friends create your characters, you might want to take a look at our Remnant 2 archetype tier list. Once your dream team is ready to step through the world stone, here’s how to unlock co-op in Remnant 2.

Text shows "Invite sent" on a black screen in Remnant 2 co-op.

How to unlock Remnant 2 co-op

In order to join friends, you must first complete the tutorial, which is also the beginning of the campaign story. Once you reach Ward 13 and touch the world stone for the first time, your progress will be saved and you can play with up to two others.

To invite friends to join your game, enter the main menu from anywhere in the world, click ‘Friends’, and hit the invite button next to their name. To join a public game, however, you must access the co-op menu from the world stone.

The Remnant 2 co-op screen showing a public match that is able to be joined.

How to join a public match

Public matches can be accessed from the world stone, by clicking ‘Join game’. From here, you can select a difficulty and see any public matches that you are free to join. Just clicking the match doesn’t grant you instant access though, as the host must head to the world stone to revive you.

How to host a public match

To host a public co-op game, simply change your invite setting to public from the main menu at any time. In a dungeon, your game will now automatically appear on the ‘Join game’ screen for others to invite themselves to. Keep an eye out for notifications, as you must allow them into the game by reviving them at the world stone.

Co-op loot sharing

One of the biggest questions when playing online co-op is how the loot is shared among you. In Remnant 2 co-op, most loot is shared between the group, so anything that is dropped (and picked up) immediately appears in each team member’s inventory.

Now you know how to join or host a Remnant 2 co-op game, hopefully you’ll have no trouble taking down even the toughest enemies (If you’re like me, just let your friends do all the hard work). If you want to flesh out your three-person squad with more then three archetypes, then find out how to unlock duel archetypes, but think carefully which to pick. If you misallocate your trait points and want them back for a duel archetype or teamwork trait, we’ve also got you covered on how to reset your Remnant 2 trait points – but be warned it’s not cheap to respec.