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Reset trait points in Remnant 2 - how to get the Orb of Undoing

To reset your trait points in Remnant 2, you need a very special item which won’t be new if you’ve played From the Ashes, here’s how to find it in the sequel.

Reset trait points in Remnant 2: A close up on the face of Wallace, the Ward 13 vendor who can help you craft the Orb of Undoing.

How do you reset trait points in Remnant 2? The ability to respec is important in any game that encourages you to spend limited in-game points to level up. It’s nice to know whether you can allocate your Remnant II trait points and change your mind down the road. We’ve been playing the tough adventure game, and we’ve put our trait points in all the wrong places to find out how to reset them.

There are a range of Remnant 2 traits that you can choose from and level up to flesh out your individual character. As you go, you’re limited to how many trait points you can allocate though, so what if you put them in the wrong place? It’s natural not to get along with certain skills depending on your personal playstyle in Remnant 2, so if you’d like to try an all new character build, here’s how to reset your trait points, but you might also be interested in finding out how to unlock dual archetypes, too.

How to reset trait points in Remnant 2: The Traits menu screen, showing a list of traits, both purchased and not.

How to reset trait points in Remnant 2

To reset your trait points in Remnant 2, you must craft and use the Orb of Undoing. Using it resets all of your spent trait points for reallocation, and there is no way to refund just one or two.

Since the Orb is consumable, you must craft a new one if you wish to reset your trait points more than once, so be careful with it. Naturally, we wouldn’t recommend using the Orb early on, and only if you’ve allocated a lot of trait points and wish for a complete overhaul.

How to reset trait points in Remnant 2: The vendor wallace, and the crafting screen showing the materials required to make the Orb of Undoing.

Where to get the Orb of Undoing

Wallace, a vendor in Ward 13, can craft the Orb of Undoing for you in Remnant 2. For him to craft the consumable item, you must provide the following resources:

  • Three Luminite crystals
  • 2,500 Scrap

Luminite crystals are the most difficult of these materials to obtain, as they drop from enemies and bosses. You may also be able to obtain them from Cass at Ward 13 after some time, but they will be expensive, so your best bet is to take down those challenging foes.

With the knowledge of how to reset your trait points in Remnant 2, you no longer need to worry about allocating your points in the wrong skills. However, remember those materials you need to craft one… One of the best ways to gather scrap is by taking down the various Remnant 2 bosses, and you can also use your weapons to destroy items around you. It never hurts to have help with these things though, so find out how to play Remnant 2 co-op, and hopefully you’ll never be short of resources.