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Remnant 2 DLC will “flesh out each biome,” including Yaesha and N’Erud

The Awakened King is set to take us back to Losomn, and Gunfire Games has now confirmed to PCGamesN the locations for Remnant 2's future DLC.

The Awakened King sits in all his Root-infested glory as the major antagonist in Losomn, the first of the Remnant 2 DLC locations.

The details of the Remnant 2 DLC have finally been revealed. The Awakened King takes us back to fan favorite Losomn for an additional story surrounding the mysterious, yet curiously absent king. However, we already know Gunfire Games has three Remnant 2 DLC packs in the pipeline thanks to the Ultimate Edition’s pre-purchase bonus, and with the multiverse just a hop, skip, and a jump away, there’s no end to the places we might conceivably go.

During PCGamesN’s preview with principal designer Ben Cureton and principal level designer Cindy To ahead of the Remnant 2 The Awakened King release date, we got a chance to ask what the future holds for the RPG game. While The Awakened King is sure to delight fans of the sundered world of the Dran and Fae, it begs the question: will the Remnant 2 DLC after The Awakened King will be set in N’Erud and Yaesha?

The Forlorn Coast's gothic bridge looms large over the Traveler as they begin to explore the first of the Remnant 2 DLC locations in The Awakened King.

“Oh, for sure,” Cureton says. “The goal is to flesh out each biome and adding this DLC is going to create an imbalance in the sense of – hey, there’s now three stories in Losomn. So players are going to ask, ‘Where’s my N’Erud story? Where’s my Yaesha story?’”

This doesn’t come as a total surprise. While Remnant 2 spans six different worlds, its three primary locations – Losomn, N’Erud, and Yaesha – are so distinct from one another that it makes sense for Gunfire Games to ensure that fans of each are satisfied. Our own Remnant 2 review points to the various loose ends that leave it “primed for DLC”, and we expect that many of those lingering questions will be answered by the time the DLC bundle has launched in its entirety.

The Traveler approaches the Red Throne in Yaesha, which players may well return to in future Remnant 2 DLC locations.

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