How to solve the Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle

The Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle is the last obstacle standing between you and the Corrupted Ravager’s lair, and solving it requires a musical ear.

Dwell, a Pan merchant that hails from Yaesha, the same realm as the Remnant 2 water harp puzzle.

How do I solve the Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle? Plenty of obstacles stand between you and your quest to slay the Corrupted Ravager, though few are as likely to give you pause as the Great Water Harp. This elaborate musical instrument controls the bridge leading to Yaesha’s formidable world boss, though it’s currently inoperable. To proceed, you must solve the Water Harp puzzle and restore it to its former glory.

The Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle is located in The Forbidden Grove of Yaesha, one of the many realms that you must visit in the action-adventure game. According to legend, this enormous feat of musical engineering was constructed by the Pan to soothe the Ravager and put a stop to its rampage. Here’s how to solve the Water Harp puzzle and descend into the Ravager’s Lair in Remnant 2.

The pegs arranged in position on the mechanical music box attached to the Remnant 2 water harp puzzle.

Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle solution

You can solve the Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle by raising pegs on the mechanical music box in order to match the notes of the song being played by Flautist stationed close by.

Here’s how to solve the Water Harp puzzle:

  • First row – Fifth peg
  • Second row – None
  • Third row – Fourth peg
  • Fourth row  None
  • Fifth row – Third peg
  • Sixth row – Fourth peg
  • Seventh row – First peg
  • Eighth row – None

Each peg corresponds to a musical note, so you may be able to decipher the notes yourself. Alternatively, you can find the musical notation on the first page of the journal on the stone altar just by the checkpoint.

The Remnant 2 water harp puzzle as shown in musical notation in the nearby journal.

Once you’ve arranged the pegs in the correct positions, simply pull the lever to the left of the dial to lift it into position. Once the harp’s tune matches the Flautist’s, the bridge will raise, allowing you to proceed through the door and confront the Remnant 2 boss native to Yaesha.

Now that you’ve solved the Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle, the real challenge awaits. Be sure to swing by Ward 13 and ensure you have the best Remnant 2 weapons and mods equipped before you face off against the Corrupted Ravager. We also recommend checking out our Remnant 2 review, which delves into our own time beating back the Root.