Riders Republic update will add gnarly new BMX tricks

The Showdown update coming this month to Rider's Republic will add tricks like wheelies, manuals, and stoppies when it arrives April 26

A man on a mountain bike pulls a wheelie on top of a boulder in Riders Republic.

A lot of games have come out since Rider’s Republic launched back in October, so we don’t blame you if it’s been a while since you hit the slopes in Ubisoft’s latest extreme sports open-world game. This month will be the perfect opportunity to jump back in, however: in addition to marking the launch of a new season, the next Riders Republic update patch will be adding some new bike tricks when it arrives April 26.

The Showdown update kicks off Riders Republic’s second season, with the showpiece being the new 6v6 arena competitions. It looks like an X-Games spin on American Gladiators, and to spice things up a bit, Ubisoft will be adding some new tricks you can perform on all bicycles in the game.

According to a post from the official Riders Republic Twitter account, those tricks include wheelies, manuals, and stoppies, and the video included in the tweet makes it clear that you’ll be able to pull each of these on just about any two-wheeled conveyance in the game – even bikes with absurdly fat tires or road racing bikes.

You can see them in action right here:

If you missed Riders Republic last year, you should check out our review – it’s a genuinely fun game (even if the characters all speak in an extreme sports dialect that we’re not entirely sure exists in real life). Season two kicks off in a couple weeks, and further seasons are planned.