This innovative Roblox platforming game has major Titanfall 2 vibes

Roblox platforming game Interval was built in under 24 hours and features time-jumping mechanics reminiscent of Titanfall 2's Effect and Cause

This innovative Roblox platforming game has major Titanfall 2 vibes: A scene in Interval shows a box-based platforming puzzle.

A Roblox platforming game called Interval showcases what’s possible on the sandbox game platform when developers invest in stunning graphics and creative mechanics. The game from development studio Titanic in a Bottle lets players manipulate their environments using time-jumping mechanics, reminiscent of Titanfall 2’s iconic Effect and Cause stage.

Interval is notable because it features stunning visual imagery and time-jumping features uncommon on Roblox. By controlling the flow of time, players must stop objects in specific positions so they can traverse the terrain. While the game is essentially a sophisticated take on an obby, which references an obstacle course-type of game popular on the platform, its immersive environment and unusual approach to traditional obby mechanics put it a cut above other Roblox experiences.

The experience is reminiscent of Effect and Cause, which requires players to switch back and forth between the past and present to traverse obstacles and combat enemies throughout the mission. Though Titanfall 2 failed to meet sales expectations when Electronic Arts released it in 2016, many critics revere it as one of the best FPS games of all time.

Roblox has taken notice. At the Roblox Innovation Awards, Interval took home the award for Most Immersive Environment. The game beat the base-building horror game 3008 based on the SCP of the same name and showcase pieces Springs Rock and Druid Sanctuary. Titanic in a Bottle also earned awards for Excellence in Visual Art at the Roblox Developer Conference in 2020 and 2021.

The game represents a departure from the platform’s classic blocky characters and cartoonish animations.

“What most people don’t realise is that Roblox really can support these high-fidelity workflows, all the technology is there. It’s just that much of Roblox focuses less on visuals and more on raw gameplay, and everyone’s fine with more functional graphics if it means more fun,” Elttob, who worked on the game as a programmer, UI designer, music lead, and sound designer, tells us.

Roblox is undergoing a massive transformation as it seeks to solidify its place as a leading metaverse platform. The company continues to upgrade its infrastructure and introduce new technology to attract older audiences. Recent examples include Roblox’s materials overhaul and its live animation creator. The company also recently announced a major investment in its game fund to help foster creativity and innovation within the platform.

According to Interval’s Roblox description, the development team – which includes Elttob as well as Boatbomber, thisfall, Homemade_Meal, and AshCr4ft – built the game in under 24 hours.

“We didn’t even really know what to do for the first nine hours or so,” Elttob says of the experience. “We were struggling to come up with a compelling gameplay mechanic to build around. Once we’d eventually settled on our time-stepping mechanism, though, the rest of the project started to fall into place quickly thanks to the endless talent of everyone else on the team.”

“I think we surprised ourselves just as much as anyone else when we came back to what we had made. It’s definitely some of our finest game jam work, and we’re all immensely proud of it and learned a lot from it,” he said.

Elttob says he was unfamiliar with Titanfall 2 time-jumping mechanics but heard from players that Interval “gave off Portal 2 vibes.” It’s also an apt comparison, given that Portal 2 puzzles leverage mechanics based on timing and spatial reasoning.

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