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RoboCop FPS game gets a free Steam download

If you're a certified RoboCop stan then you likely know about Rogue City, the shooter based off of the iconic films, which now has a free Steam demo.

RoboCop free Steam download: A man with a robotic titanium body leaves a car, his hand on the front door as he stares ahead

RoboCop Rogue City is almost here as developer Teyon and publisher Nacon work toward its fall launch. If you’ve not heard of the RoboCop-inspired FPS, Rogue City follows the beloved part-human, part-robot police officer as he brings justice to Old Detroit. The game is based on the original trio of RoboCop films from the 80s. While the initial release date was delayed, you can now explore the ins and outs of RoboCop’s crime-ridden city for yourself with the playable free Steam demo ahead of the full game.

Honestly, RoboCop Rogue City caught my eye as soon as it was announced due to its unique premise. I don’t think I’ve ever even considered playing a game as RoboCop himself, but now I need to. There are so many FPS games out there, but few scratch this kind of nostalgic itch. It gets even better, as the developer is familiar with other movie-to-game entries, having worked on similar banger shooters like Terminator Resistance.

While the full version of the game was meant to be released back in September, Teyon announced that the final launch date would be pushed back until Thursday, November 2. Thankfully, you can hop into Old Detroit right now during the free demo period on Steam. The demo includes Rogue City’s first three levels, offering us “a taste of the action,” as Teyon writes.

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If you’re interested in checking the demo out yourself or playing Rogue City upon its full launch, you can wishlist it and download the three playable levels directly on Steam. There are tons of weapons to choose from, including the Auto-9. You’ll also get to use your sheer robotic strength and cybernetic abilities, which are upgradable.

I’m looking forward to playing a game on the more justice-aligned side of the law for once, especially when it’s as RoboCop. The story seems intriguing too, and I’m excited to see how it fits in between the films. The original RoboCop himself, Peter Weller, is voicing the protagonist so investigating, interrogating, and exploring will feel all the more familiar to us long-time fans.

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