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Steam’s 2023 sleeper hit FPS game gets highly requested update

Fans asked for an update to RoboCop Rogue City bringing New Game Plus, and it looks like Teyon is implementing the highly requested mode.

RoboCop Rogue City New Game Plus: A bald man wearing what appears to be a black headset stares ahead, his expression stern

RoboCop Rogue City stands as one of 2023’s greatest Steam shooters, with a solid 9/10 on Valve’s platform and thousands of stellar reviews. If you’re a longtime fan of the iconic part man, part machine cop, or even a casual FPS enjoyer, Teyon’s single-player game is definitely one you can’t miss. Rogue City is about to get even bigger too, as the developer reveals the coming addition of a highly requested New Game Plus mode.

For old fans of the legendary cop that writers Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner crafted as well as newcomers alike, RoboCop Rogue City shines bright as one of last year’s most thrilling and original FPS game experiences. Players cite the shooter’s ability to remain true to its source material while implementing innovative gameplay in the sea of very positive Steam reviews.

Amid the few spots of criticism and negative feedback, others ask the dev team for more content. There are various threads of players requesting a New Game Plus mode in particular, and it appears that the developer is listening. Teyon now reveals that the sought-after endgame update is in fact underway, likely dropping sometime in the near future.

RoboCop Rogue City new game mode reveal from Teyon

“Many citizens have been asking about a New Game Plus for RoboCop Rogue City,” the dev acknowledges. “We’ve heard you.” While the studio doesn’t give any precise date for the new game mode’s addition and its accompanying update, Teyon simply says to “stay tuned” as word on the topic will arrive “in the weeks to come.”

Comments on Teyon’s New Game Plus announcement are upbeat, with fans expressing how they can’t get enough of the game. One player says, “I will redownload this in a heartbeat.” A few others demand a sequel as well as the game mode, citing their love for Rogue City. With the coming update and growing positive reception, it seems there’s no better time to gear up and deliver justice to Old Detroit yourself.

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Rogue City is also discounted right now for the Steam Winter Sale 2023, but you only have until Thursday, January 4 to snag it for cheap. If you’ve read through our RoboCop Rogue City review, then you’ll know the current 30% off price point of $34.99 / £31.49 is well worth at least a quick gander. After all, the movie-inspired shooter deserves far more Steam players than it currently has.

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