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Steam Winter Sale 2023 serves up first-ever Baldur’s Gate 3 discount

Steam blesses us with the happiest holidays as Valve reveals its Steam Winter Sale 2023 deals, including a surprising Baldur's Gate 3 deal.

Steam Winter Sale 2023: Baldur's Gate 3 character Raphael, a man with short brown hair and a ruffle-collar shirt, smiles menacingly, the backdrop behind him blurred

The Steam Winter Sale 2023 is just around the corner, as Valve posts its long-awaited trailer revealing some of the biggest PC game deals we can expect to see drop during the storefront’s annual event. Some of the greatest RPGs are up for sale it seems, with the teaser showcasing games like Atomic Heart, The Witcher 3, and most surprisingly, Larian Studios’  Game of the Year hit, Baldur’s Gate 3.

That’s right, Baldur’s Gate 3 is finally going on sale and it’s during one of Steam‘s biggest annual events, its highly anticipated winter sale. If you’re not sure why this is such a huge deal, fans have been waiting to see Larian Studios’ RPG game get a good discount since its exciting launch out of early access this past August. The GOTY isn’t the only behemoth name on Santa’s Steam Winter Sale 2023 list, though.

As seen in Valve’s new trailer, other beloved fantasy games such as The Witcher 3 are going on sale this snowy season. Before I got my hands on Larian’s recent Dungeons & Dragons-inspired experience, CD Projekt Red’s third Witcher entry was my all-time favorite RPG. With hundreds of hours of content and a track record of stellar markdowns on Steam, I feel we can almost certainly expect CDPR’s game to offer an unmissable deal.

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If you don’t care as much for fantasy stories, Valve features new 2023 multiplayer shooters like BattleBit Remastered in its Steam Winter Sale trailer. It also showcases singe-player ones such as Atomic Heart, an FPS that feels like a surreal blend of BioShock and We Happy Few. We also see some crafting games and management sims appear, including Dwarf Fortress and Satisfactory.

This sale is gearing up to be one of Steam’s most massive. I can’t wait to indoctrinate my friends into the cult-like fandom we Baldur’s Gate 3 fans make up. Since the Game of the Year is getting no Game Pass release, a bangin’ bargain is the next best way to get pals into the DnD-like RPG for cheap. The Steam Winter Sale 2023 also arrives at the best time amid the holidays, lasting two whole weeks from Thursday, December 21 until Thursday, January 4.

While you wait for the Steam Winter Sale to commence, you can check out a few of our favorite free PC games to get your money-saving ball rolling. There’s no deal out there that can beat one for 100% off. If you don’t mind cracking open the old wallet, you can also browse through a variety of the best new PC games overall to find a fresh 2023 hit to jump into right now.

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