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Batman returns to Rocket League for its 2021 Halloween event

The Dark Knight is swooping into Rocket League for Halloween, with Batmobiles, themed event challenges, and more

The spooky season is truly upon us. Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Warframe, Fortnite – the list of the biggest and best PC games getting into the Halloween spirit goes on. Now, Psynoix has unveiled its plans for Rocket League’s own October bash, with the game’s Haunted Hallows event kicking off tomorrow and bringing Batman, a themed limited-time mode, and more along for the ride.

Rocket League Halloween – the 2021 edition – features a collaboration with Warner Brothers and DC Comics to bring a lot of Batman-themed stuff to the game. First up, there are new Haunted Hallows event challenges that’ll offer unlockable supervillain-style items like some Joker and “Gotham’s finest” decals, Harley Quinn wheels and topper, a boost themed on Poison Ivy, and so on. Rocket League’s Rumble game mode is getting some tweaks to turn it into a Gotham City Rumble, with power-ups now being Batman (and Batman baddie) themed. This restyling lets players use the Joker’s boxing glove, Harley’s signature hammer (which swaps in for the boot), and Poison Ivy’s vines, which replace the mode’s grappling hook.

Elsewhere, the game’s getting a new limited-time arena – a Gotham Night variant of Beckwith Park – which has been hijacked by Gotham City’s supervillains, as its theme reflects.

As for vehicles, the Batmobile à la the 1989 flick, the Dark Knight’s Tumbler, and the 2016 movie’s Batmobile will be hitting the shop while the event’s live. Three “Bat Signal goal explosions that show off the bat symbol from three different eras” will also be available, as a press release explains. All Batmobiles and goal explosions feature in a Batman Halloween Bundle, which will set you back 2,000 credits.

Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows event goes live on October 14 and runs until November 1. For the full info, head to the dev’s blog post at that link.