RPG Maker MV has sold 500,000 copies, so now it’s on sale for super cheap

The versatile RPG building software is the cheapest it's ever been to celebrate half a million copies sold

If you’ve ever thought about making your own RPG game, now’s probably a good time to start working on it. The powerful RPG Maker MV has just passed the 500,000 copies sold milestone, and to celebrate, developer Gotcha Gotcha Games is offering 85% off the normal list price – making it the cheapest it’s ever been.

Usually sold for $79.99, RPG Maker MV is currently on sale for $11.99 / £9.14. The RPG Maker MV Bundle, which includes add-on packs for additional music, character art, and tilesets, is also discounted 85%, bringing it down to $19.49 / £14.84.

First released in 2015, RPG Maker MV allows users to create full-on JRPG games from scratch, without requiring any prior knowledge of programming or design. MV added a new side-view battle system, and allows users to create builds for PC, MacOSX, iPhone, and Android operating systems. There’s a powerful map editor, a character generator, and easy-to-use events system, all of which can be used with included assets or art and music you create yourself.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

MV isn’t the newest edition of RPG Maker – that honour goes to RPG Maker MZ, which launched last year and adds some additional features like a Time Progress Battle System and restores some missing old ones like XP’s map layer system.

MZ is also on sale for the celebration, but it’s marked down 20% to $63.99 / £50.39. That makes this a good opportunity if you were considering making the upgrade – but the real steal is for first-time users looking to try out MV. The next best anime game to hit the PC might be one you create.