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Forgotten 15-year-old Steam MMO is back with huge new update

To celebrate 15 years, this Steam MMO is back with a huge new update, putting a new spin on its most popular dungeon and adding new gear.

Forgotten 15-year-old Steam MMO is back with huge new update: An attractive woman wearing a red robe with golden outlines holding a golden staff stands on a background with runes

Runescape. World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy XIV. In the world of MMORPGs, some games just reign supreme. Runes of Magic, however, is one of the many, smaller fantasy adventures that has struggled to push past the competition. Set in the magical world of Taborea, this forgotten Steam MMO is back to celebrate its 15th anniversary – and it’s doing so in style.

As someone who has played far too many MMOs, I consistently gravitate back to a good ol’ high-fantasy story of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 – sorry Destiny, you’re just not for me. Yet, as we await the WoW The War Within release date, I’ve found myself looking for another fantastical adventure to sink far too many hours into – and Runes of Magic may just be what I’ve been looking for.

Released all the way back in 2009, Runes of Magic thrusts you into the heart of Taborea, where dark forces are seeking to overrun the otherwise tranquil world. You can choose from a whole slew of classes, as well as various fantasy races to create your own magical persona – elf priestess, here I come.

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As part of the 15th anniversary update, players will be able to dive into the new and improved version of the infamous Mystic Altar dungeon. Now called Shadow Over the Altar, there are seven new bosses and terrain changes to shake things up for veteran players. If you thought you knew the darkness like the back of your hand, think again.

A slew of new timeless dungeons are being added to the game, too, and with them comes a whole selection of new gear. You can collect said shiny new drops by fighting through the game’s Timeless Dungeons or, alternatively, by collecting enough Peak Fragments.

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With Steam reviews coming in at ‘very positive’ over the last few days, it looks like Runes of Magic may just be having a little bit of a comeback – so if you’re looking for a change from Azeroth and Eorzea, you can dive in right here.

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