Rustler is like old-school GTA but medieval, and with catapulting cows

Rustler is essentially what you’d get if you crossed the old-school GTA games with Kingdom Come Deliverance, and, er, trebuchet-able cows. Developer Jutsu Games and indie publishers Modus Games and Games Operators have just announced their medieval crime game – an “hilariously unhinged medieval ‘grand theft horse’ experience” – hits Steam Early Access next month.

In the upcoming PC game, you play as “anti-hero Guy”, the devs reveal in a press release – a peasant determined to win a grand tournament, and cause some carnage along the way. You can get an idea of this in action in the alpha version gameplay trailer below. It’s very much like a top-down GTA game, complete with high-speed car(t) chases, pedestrians to mow down, horse-mounted coppers with flashing red and blue lights, and – of course – all the “absurd quests” and pop culture references you’d expect from a classic Grand Theft Auto.

There’s even a Monty Python and The Holy Grail joke squeezed in – you know the one: “It’s just a flesh wound!” Plus, you can hire a walking ‘radio’ – that is, a personal bard – if you’re keen to hear some tunes during your antics.

Take a look at Rustler for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’re keen to give it a go, the good news is its prologue – a “story introduction” to the game’s full version rather than a demo – is live to give a go on Steam right now. The full game hits Steam Early Access on February 18, with Rustler’s full launch to follow sometime later this year.

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