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Saints Row cast: all characters and voice actors

The Saints Row cast is full of recognisable voices, so find out who voices your favourite character, and just where you know that voice from

Saints Row cast and voice actors

The Saints Row cast for the 2022 reboot is made up of some voices that will certainly sound familiar but you won’t be able to put your finger on, which is always a bugbear. A series as renowned as Saints Row is going to attract some of the biggest names in the industry, so there’ll be a voice or two you’ve heard before – even if you don’t know it yet.

Volition’s latest open-world, action-adventure game is as huge in story as you’d expect, so there is an incredibly long list of characters with speaking lines. While we couldn’t possibly list everyone, we’ve compiled a catalogue of every named Saints Row character. Hopefully those names that have been escaping you are below as part of the Saints Row cast list – more info on all the major names can be found further down.

Saints Row cast

Full Saints Row cast list

These are all the voice actors for the player character:

  • Player Voice 1 – Max Mittelman
  • Player Voice 2 – Erica Lindbeck
  • Player Voice 3 – Catero Colbert
  • Player Voice 4 – Bryce Charles
  • Player Voice 5 – Antony Del Rio
  • Player Voice 6 – Emily O’Brien
  • Player Voice 7 – Adam Michael Gold
  • Player Voice 8 – Rachel Butera

Meanwhile, your fellow Saints are voiced by these three folks:

  • Eli – Eugene Byrd
  • Kevin – Greg Chun
  • Neenah – Jeannie Tirado

These are all of the other named characters in the game and who voices them:

  • Gwen – Toks Olagundoye
  • Atticus Marshall – Darin De Paul
  • JR – Chris Fries
  • Sergio Velez / Miguel Hidalgo – David DeSantos
  • The Nahualli – Christian Lanz
  • Myra Starr / Chief Michaels – Anna Vocino
  • Gabriel / Chalupa Lou – Gabriel Oliva
  • The Dust King – Kiff VandenHeuvel
  • Amanda Rollins – Martha Marion
  • Barb – Lindsey Gates-Markel
  • Chalupa Jimmy – Steven Allerick
  • Chalupa Pat – Orion Acaba
  • Chalupa Terry – Brent Mukai
  • Chloe Morris – Ozioma Akagha
  • Chuy – Sean Kenin
  • Edith – Moira Quirk
  • Jack – Ray Chase
  • Jersey Dan – Matt Shivers
  • Joannie Utah – Erika Ishii
  • Lore Master – Jon Curry
  • MJ – Denyce Lawton
  • Roger McGillicutty – Trevor Devall
  • Sgt. Vicario – Melissa Medina
  • Spike Roosevelt – Avery Kidd Waddell
  • Sylvia – Salli Saffioti
  • Tamira Bowens – Angel Parker
  • The Sensei – Keith Silverstein
  • Vivian Huang – Anthea Neri Best
  • Winston – Richard Tatum

Saints Row Boss voice

The Boss

Sadly, seven people won’t get their voice heard in your playthrough of the game, thanks to the incredible customisation options available in the Boss Factory. With eight voices to choose from for your player character, you’ll have to pass over most of them. Or you could always switch between multiple bosses from your wardrobe.

If you go for Voice 1, you’ll be voiced by Max Mittelman, a prolific voice actor in animation and video games alike. As the voice of King in the English version of Seven Deadly Sins, Saitama in One Punch Man: Wanpanman, and Desmond in The Legend of Vox Machina among others, Mittelman has made a name for himself as a TV great. However, Saints Row is by no means his first foray into video games, with major credits in Persona 5, Horizon Forbidden West, and Sackboy just a few of his roles.

Player Voice 2 belongs to Erica Lindbeck. Another Seven Deadly Sins and Critical Role name, Erica portrayed Jericho in 7DS and created Morrighan Ferus for Exandria Unlimited: Kymal. Her vocals may also be recognisable to fans of Arcane, the Netflix series based on League of Legends, as she was behind Elora. Among others, Erica has also appeared in the credits for Cyberpunk 2077, Tales of Arise, and Shin Megami Tensei V.

Saints Row voice actors

Choosing Voice 3 will give your Saint Boss the charming vocals of Catero Colbert. Most recognisable to Naruto fans as Killer Bee, Colbert has voiced the English version of the anime character in many of the franchise’s TV series and games.

Outside of Saints Row, you’re as likely to know Bryce Charles – Voice 4 – by her face as by her voice, appearing in TV shows such as Atypical and Black-ish. Volition knows this, as well, getting Bryce involved in much of the marketing for the new game, including convention appearances and the Welcome to Santo Ileso trailer. While The Boss Voice 4 in Saints Row is Bryce’s first video game role, we’d be surprised if she doesn’t pop up in more games in the future.

Antony Del Rio is a name well-known in the video game voice over industry, having been cast in the likes of League of Legends, God of War, and Injustice 2. But most importantly, he appeared in the flesh in an episode of Hannah Montana, and is now your Boss’ voice if you go for Voice 5.

Saints Row cast: Player voice

For Player Voice 6, Volition brought in well known TV and video game voice actor Emily O’Brien. The list of video games in which you might hear O’Brien is long, and includes League of Legends (Camille and Samira), The Elder Scrolls Online (Khamira), Shadow of Mordor (Eryn), and Death Stranding (Amelie). You may also recognise her voice from some episodes of Love, Death and Robots, and she also appeared in person in The Bad Batch – the Jason Momoa film, as opposed to the animated Star Wars series.

For that wild west vibe, you want to choose Voice 7, for the sultry Arizonan tones of Adam Michael Gold. Gold has of course appeared in a few modern Westerns, as well as animations, video games, movies, and more. And you know those funny little ad-break cutaways in Wandavision? Adam Michael Gold voiced the Yo-Magic Shark in the Halloween episode – but that was more surfer dude than smouldering cowboy.

The final choice for your player voice is Rachel Butera, Voice 8. Bearing in mind that we’re talking about the series that is Saints Row, players may be most likely to recognise Butera’s voice from Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, in which she voiced multiple characters. Butera has also voiced characters in some less seedy IPs, though, including General Leia Organa in Star Wars: Battlefront II, and multiple characters in Fallout 76.

Saints Row cast: Eli


As for the Saints, Eli might not have street smarts, and he might not be good with a gun, but he’s got more book smarts than the rest of the Saints combined. He has a great mind for business and the ability to crack safes while you watch his back. Eugene Byrd is the voice behind Eli, and he’s no stranger to a huge video game series, having voiced Del in Gears of War, Boomer in Battlefield Hardline… and the basketball announcer in Xbox Kinect Sports 2. You may also recognise him from True Blood, All American, or Bones.

Saints Row cast: Kevin


Greg Chun is the voice of another fellow Saint, Kevin. While Kevin is a familiar voice in Santo Ileso as an outgoing DJ who can’t keep a shirt on, Greg Chun is a familiar voice in the video game industry. Some of his credits include Demon Slayer (Muzan Kibutsuji), Battlefield 2042 (William Cho), GhostWire: Tokyo (Man D), and multiple characters in Ghost of Tsushima. To those who watched Squid Game with its English dub though, his voice will be most recognisable as the show’s main protagonist, Gi-hun.

Saints Row cast: Neenah


Neenah is a scrappy Saint, good with cars and quick to think on her feet, saving you from trouble in one of your very first Saints Row missions, Making Rent. Jeannie Tirado voices your third Saint, friend and roomie, and is a big name in anime as well as video games. Before Saints Row, Tirado has voiced Byleth (English version) in Fire Emblem, Eileen Sasaki, Lunda, and Milu in Horizon Forbidden West, as well as Principal Arroyo in the Pixar movie Soul.

So now that question that has been nagging at you has been answered, you can delve back into the mammoth Saints Row map, and get back to completing missions. To help you on your way to criminal domination, we’ve got a list of all the Saints Row skills you can unlock, as well as perks, and the best vehicles to steal.