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Are Saints Row cheats in the 2022 reboot?

Saints Row cheats are a staple throughout the series so far, but the huge question is whether they exist in Volition's 2022 reboot or not

Saints Row Cheats

Want to know all the Saints Row cheats available in the reboot? Volition’s series of bonkers action-adventure games is renowned for its ridiculous cheats, but the latest instalment brings with it some big changes. With Saints Row racing full-throttle into the gen-z era, it’s only natural to wonder if its classic cheats are still a thing.

With all its changes, the dildo-bat-and-Johnny-Gat-free reboot retains notoriety, currency, and access to a cell phone, so you’d think there would be room for the cheats of old. However, you might be surprised by the open-world game’s change to the system.

Are there any Saints Row cheats?

Sadly, due to the slightly more realistic and modernised overhaul to the series, there are currently no cheats available in the Saints Row reboot. This doesn’t mean we have to rule out Saints Row cheat codes being added in the future, but it remains to be seen. For now, you’ll have to play the game as intended, but with some suitably silly skills and abilities available. This is still a Saints Row game, after all.

Saints Row skills: Pineapple Express

Skills allow you to wreak the usual havoc across the streets of Santo Ileso – even without cheats. With Pineapple Express, the first skill available, you can stuff a grenade down an enemy’s pants and hurl them into a crowd. Meanwhile, Overscope gives you a powerful sniper rifle which causes enemies’ heads to explode upon a headshot. And, while you might use cheats to infinitely buff your stats, you can still increase your health and damage with some skills. Here’s the full list of all Saints Row skills available.

Despite the bad news that there aren’t any Saints Row cheats, there’s still loads to get to grips with in the reboot. We’ve got guides to fast travel, Saints Row perks, and every mission in the game thanks to our guide on how long Saints Row is. Plus, since you can’t cheat your way to a full garage, take a look at the best Saints Row vehicles to keep an eye out for on the road.