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Final Fantasy meets Stardew Valley in this stunning Steam game

Sea of Stars is an upcoming pixel art RPG with a Steam Next Fest demo and a whimsical, story-rich take on the turn-based classics many of us know and love.

Key art of two Sea of Stars characters in front of the moon.

Sea of Stars has had me on the edge of my seat since its initial reveal a few years back, and I am just about to fall off with the RPG game‘s full release so close on the horizon. Excited is an understatement as I prepare to delve into the narrative adventure drawing on both the moon and sun’s magical qualities while retaining an emotionally packed storyline. The enchanting aesthetic is nothing short of beautiful, and if it reminds you a bit of some classic RPGs of yore, then you’re not alone. Sea of Stars looks set to offer a nostalgic, comfy, and chilled-out time.

Do you love the old Final Fantasy games, perhaps for their unique combat system or their charming style? If so, then Sea of Stars seems like it was made with you in mind. This one aims to modernize the classic RPG formula, from its turn-based combat to its fantastical storytelling and environmental interactions. The nostalgic RPG elements aren’t alone here, though. In a way almost reminiscent of the Rune Factory series, Sea of Stars brings in some cozier qualities.

Stardew Valley lovers, you’ll be happy to know that you can cook, fish, sail, and partake in all sorts of relaxing activities in between your adventures. You can also head to a local tavern and listen to the bard there, or play against other visitors in a tabletop game known as ‘Wheels.’

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If Sea of Stars sounds like your cozy cup of tea, it’s already got a playable demo, which you can access here via Steam ahead of the Sea of Stars release date on Tuesday, August 2.

As a lover of all old-school JRPGs and life sim games, I can’t wait to jump into Sea of Stars before its full release. This is one of 2023’s upcoming PC games I certainly won’t miss.

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