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Second Piece codes May 2024

Enter these Second Piece codes in order to get additional gems to help you on your adventure across the sea to become the best pirate.

Second Piece codes: a Roblox avatar standing on top of a tree looking out into the ocean.

May 16, 2024: Five new Second Piece codes have dropped since Update 9 released.

What are the newest Second Piece codes? We’ve seen plenty of One Piece-inspired experiences on Roblox, and Second Piece is one of the newest on the market. Your goal is to become king of the pirates, but your journey isn’t going to be easy. Powering up in the early game might seem simple at first, but the game becomes much more difficult when you hit the level cap.

There is a silver lining, however. Once you reach the higher levels, you can start entering several Second Piece codes to get free stuff. If you find this Roblox game a bit difficult to start, we also have Fruit Battlegrounds codes and Blox Fruit codes, which are available to everyone from the beginning.

New Second Piece codes

Here are all the new Second Piece codes:

  • UpdateSuperSuperSoon – 10 Enchant Stones (NEW)
  • DataLoadFix – 5 Enchant Stones (NEW)
  • HotFixAlter – Gems (NEW)
  • SansTheSkeleton – 25k gems (NEW)
  • EnchantStone – 10 Enchant Stones(NEW)
  • StarrkLimited – 5 Enchant Stones (NEW)

Expired codes

  • Rewards
  • RimuruSpeedRun
  • Alter
  • strangeFake
  • Hunter
  • Igris
  • ShadowMonarch
  • KamishWrath
  • RaidJustice
  • RestartRestart
  • NoMoreAltForRaidCoin
  • RaidJustice
  • Kokushibo
  • ObitoTvFirstMen
  • TripleShutdownEEE
  • DoubleShutdownAta
  • Clover
  • QualityOfLife
  • FrierenShutdown
  • Viserys
  • Tywin
  • PlsChxmeiStopShutdown
  • DelayUpdate
  • Operation
  • ShutdownMahou
  • LastShutdownOK
  • DelayMagic
  • Granny
  • CID
  • Mei
  • NeoOnLow
  • Draconic
  • Balerion
  • HiguramaSoon
  • FirstMen
  • eddardstarrk
  • housetargaryen
  • gojoontop
  • PortalTicket
  • damagebug
  • AegonTargaryen
  • cxhmei
  • sukunaontop
  • jjkupdatepart2isreal
  • techniquefromtheheinera
  • qualityoflife
  • SukunaUpdate
  • NoWorldBossCode
  • RudeusGreyrat
  • ihatechxmei
  • ihatesecondpiece

The Second Piece code redeem screen is the same as the chat box open in the top left of the screen. The player is trying to redeem a code.

How to redeem Second Piece codes

To claim any of the active Second Piece codes, you need to do the following:

  • Open Second Piece from the official Roblox game page.
  • Click the speech bubble icon next to the Roblox icon on the top left of the screen to open chat.
  • Type !code, then enter one of the new codes in the text box (It should look something like this: !code Alter).
  • Press enter to get some freebies.

Provided you have reached the level stated next to the code, you should see what freebies you’ve got displayed in green text above the screen. If you enter a code before you are at the level cap, you’ll receive an error code in red at the top of the screen. If the code is invalid, you won’t see any error message.

How to get more Second Piece codes

The simplest way to get more Second Piece codes is to come back to this guide. We will constantly update it when the latest codes appear.

Alternatively, you can join the developer’s Discord channel, which you can find a link to via the official Second Piece Roblox game page. Once you’ve passed the verification process, head into the announcements tab to find the codes.

When is the next Second Piece update?

The last Second Piece update was on April 14, 2024, which added some new items and weapons, a new dungeon, and a “mine system”. Other balance changes happen daily, but the larger updates tend to happen once every couple of weeks. You can find out more by checking out the update tab in the Second Piece Discord.

Those are all the Second Piece codes available to new players. However, there are plenty of other Roblox games worthy of your attention. We have Roblox promo codes you can redeem for freebies that you can use across the platform, as well as Roblox music codes so you can listen to the latest hit songs as you play.