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Secretlab pays tribute to Fatalis with new Monster Hunter gaming chair

After celebrating it's 20th anniversary, Monster Hunter continues to be a mechandise machine, with the Secretlab Fatalis Titan Evo up next.

A view of the Secretlab Titan Evo Fatalis Edition from the front and back

The Secretlab is continuing the celebrations for Capcom with this stunning Monster Hunter Fatalis gaming chair. No stranger to collaborations with Secretlab, this latest creation pays homage to the Elder Dragon who debuted all the way back in the 2004 original game.

Monster Hunter is one of the best PC game franchises in history, now spanning 20 years and at least 15 internationally released games with plenty of additional Japan-exclusive titles and spin-off series. This collaboration with Secretlab, makers of some of the best gaming chairs on the market today, signals a fantastic way for fans of the franchise to get their hands on original and exciting merch.

Secretlab honors this incredible legacy with a brand new Titan Evo gaming chair, with Fatalis emblazoned across the front and back of the predominantly black design.

When working on this collaboration, Secretlab states it wants to bring the feeling of the in-game crafting mechanics to the design, and have this Fatalis Edition chair feel like it has been forged using Fatalis shards.

In their last collaboration, Secretlab produced the Rathlos Titan Evo chair, a very different design that, while still using a black base, focused less on the vibrant accents around the design and opted for red dragon scale accents running down each side of the chair.

Those same accents are still there, only now they are black, making the other colorful additions to the chair make far more sense. These are a must-have for Monster Hunter fans who perhaps passed on the Rathlos edition chairs or maybe weren’t even fans back when they were released.

The Monster Hunter Fatalis Titan Evo starts from $624 (£519) and is available on the product page right now. As with most Secretlab collaborations, the designs don’t have their own dedicated web page, and instead, you select the design from the Titan Evo product page.

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