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Gaming while trucking: check out this PC setup in a semi

Space is at a premium in the back of a semi, but trucker gamers make it work

It’s no longer strictly necessary for your gaming PC to be a gigantic box tethered to a desk, and that’s great news for over the road truckers who want to keep up with their hobby while on a long haul route. One such trucker has been adapting his gaming rig to the space he has the rigs he drives for work, and his latest gaming setup looks pretty sweet.

Redditor ZanaZamora19 is a truck driver who enjoys flight sims, and he’s been playing on the road for some time now, posting pictures of his PC battlestation to the pcmasterrace subreddit when he updates his build. This usually happens when he starts using a new truck, and he’s recently moved up to a 2020 Peterbilt 579. The sleeper sections of these trucks range from 44″ to 80″, so while they do get fairly roomy, you’ve got to cram all your non-driving essentials into that space – including a bed, refrigerator, and storage for clothing.

If you’re a PC gamer, that means you have to find room to set up your PC in there, too. ZanaZamora19 has said that most of the other trucker gamers he knows solve this problem by using laptops, but ZanaZamora19 isn’t a laptop guy. Since his new 579 doesn’t have a table, he’s now using a Couchmaster Cycon gaming desk. It’s designed for using a mouse and keyboard setup on the living room couch, but ZanaZamora has found it works great in a truck, too.

That’s because his monitor is mounted on a swivel attached to the storage bulkhead between the sleeper bed area and the main cab of the truck. When he’s done driving, he can head to the back of his rig, swing the monitor into place, and set the gaming desk over his lap – there’s room enough for a Corsair K55 RGB keyboard and Dark Core wireless mouse (and Polaris RGB mousepad), plus space on the armrests for his Logitech Saitek X-56 throttle and stick combo – crucial peripherals for the flight sims he enjoys.

Back with a new semi truck gaming station! 2020 Peterbilt 579 this time, it didn’t have a table so I suplimented with a “CouchMaster Cycon” desk. Works pretty well and tucks away nicely at the foot of the bed! from r/pcmasterrace

He’s made some upgrades since his last setup, which was situated on the bench of his old rig’s small dining table. But even then, he’d made taken some consideration into his PC build, notably by mounting the GPU in one of the case’s vertical slots and attaching it with a riser cable – that way, vibration from the road doesn’t stress the connection between the graphics card and motherboard.

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The current setup looks nice and plush, and with the red lights of the sleeper bathing everything in a warm glow, it’s hard not to be a little envious, even – at least until you remember the luxury of a wired internet connection.

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