After Bloober’s Silent Hill 2, Konami teases more Silent Hill remakes

Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake might not be the only one we're getting, with a Konami financial report making mention of future Silent Hill remakes.

Silent Hill 2 Remake, with James looking in a mirror, a grim look on his face.

We know that Bloober Team has a Silent Hill 2 remake in the works, and its new James has proved a little contentious. But going by a new Konami financial report, players could be getting a host of other Silent Hill remakes.

Bloober Team is working away on their upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake which an awful lot of fans will have their eyes on. But it appears as if Konami is considering remaking the other, earlier entries in this much-loved horror game series.

Konami’s ‘Consolidated Financial Results’ report, which covers up to September 30th, makes mention of “remakes and completely new entries in the Silent Hill series.”

That’s remakes plural, suggesting they have more in mind. It could also be an error, as pointed out by VGC. But given how heavily Konami is pushing the series, after doing very little with it for several years, it does make sense.

That said, whether Konami goes ahead with further remakes is likely to depend on the financial success of this new wave of Silent Hill games. Silent Hill: Ascension, an interactive game and show, has been poorly received, which isn’t a great start.

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Hopefully the other new Silent Hills, such as Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill f, will fare better. There are also leaked images of a Silent Hill seemingly set in Britain which could offer an interesting spin on the horror series.

Capcom has certainly done well with its Resident Evil remakes, although the company has remained tight-lipped on which game is next. I wouldn’t be surprised if Konami’s decision to resurrect Silent Hill was down to Capcom’s success.

Silent Hill 2 is being remade by Bloober Team, the company behind Layers of Fear, The Medium and Blair Witch. The original has been lauded as a true classic so there’s real pressure for Bloober to deliver. However, there’s no Silent Hill 2 release date as yet so we’ll just have to wait.

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