New Skyrim mod takes you on a voiced Elden Ring style quest

This new Skyrim mod is heavily inspired by Elden Ring, and adds a new questline with voice-acting, armor, and locations to the game.

Skyrim mod Elden Ring: a man in black armor stood in front of a clear blue sky, eyes peaking through his helmet

Hey, it’s me again, with yet another new Skyrim mod you need to check out. If you’re tired of waiting to hear about the Elden Ring DLC (I’m hoping The Game Awards has an answer myself) and want a little The Lands Between flavor, I’ve got a creation just for you, as this entirely new and voiced questline takes heavy inspiration from a particular part of the FromSoftware game.

I love a good Skyrim mod, and the newest from ‘nimwraith’ takes heavy inspiration from an Elden Ring character. So if you need an excuse to revisit Tamriel’s Skyrim, I’ve just found you one. Called The Hunt For The Spectre, the RPG game mod is a tribute to Elden Ring’s D, Hunter of the Dead, and their related questline.

It centers around Ren and their hunt for necromantic serial killer “the Spectre,” and comes with a fully-voiced NPC, a unique questline with multiple endings, new minor locations, and two custom armor sets too. You can check it out in nimwraith’s video below.

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You can even easily install this mid-game on any of your saves too, so you don’t need to worry about starting a new game or messing with previous mods – unless there’s a major compatibility issue, of course, but it should be fine.

“The Hunt for the Spectre is a quest mod revolving around Ren and his hunt for a necromantic serial killer dubbed as ‘the Spectre’. As you progress through this encounter-based quest mod, you’ll edge ever closer to putting a stop to the killer and giving his victims the peace they deserve,” nimwraith writes.

“The mod’s writing takes heavy inspiration from Elden Ring and the Souls series as a whole and this whole mod is basically a tribute to D from Elden Ring.”

While you wait for the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date this Skyrim mod is the perfect appetizer. It won’t have FromSoftware’s action-oriented gameplay, granted, but it’s still got a little bit of that Elden Ring flavor for you. You can find the Elden Ring-inspired mod right here, so be sure to give it a look.

We’ve also recently got a Skyrim mod that overhauls the fishing mechanic, alongside another that adds a whole school of necromancy spells to Skyrim too. There’s always something new and exciting coming to the game and I love it.

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