Smite is out today: here’s a touch of cineMOBA courtesy of Hi-Rez’s animators

Smite does big hammers, but it also does claws and spells and whatnot.

Smite has now been released. Try the game for free here, check our Smite guide and our Smite review.

Smite is going to be unavoidably massive. How do I know that? Because Tencent, the Chinese investment company which backed League of Legends in the early days, have bet one of their luxury converted farmhouses on it. They won’t let Smite be any other way.

There’s a better-than-average chance of it being good, too. As Hi-Rez have pulled staff from Tribes Vengeance, Smite has benefitted from an influx of developers who know how to make competitive multiplayer games immediate (not to mention slippery).

Here’s a preview of the sort of hero-levitating and ground-splitting you can expect to be getting up to in Hi-Rez’s action MOBA. Which, not coincidentally, is out today.

The cinematic teaser showcases a few of Smite’s playable deities – but doesn’t depict any of them actually biffing another out of existence. It’s up to you to determine a winner. That is, after all,the game.

Smite brings change to a genre that’s fast developing immovable traditions – in the form of a third-person perspective. That switch in viewpoint informs every part of its 5v5 team matches, which are navigated using WASD.

Much is familiar, though: as a god, you’ll help to violently disbelieve a squad of other gods into falsehood – either through damage dealing and tanking or crowd control and support. There will be teamfights, and NPC enemies to optionally cut down for increased gold and buffs.

Smite has now been released.Try the game for free here, check ourSmite guideand ourSmite review.