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Snowrunner mods: the best user trucks and maps

From vehicles, to maps back to, well, more vehicles, here are some of the best mods for this off-road driving game

So you want some Snowrunner mods? Despite the name, Snowrunner doesn’t actually involve any running, which is a shame. It does involve a lot of snow, though, and this off-road open world game challenges you to take vehicles big and small across a myriad of open-world environments as you strive to complete challenges and explore the great outdoors.

We don’t need roads where we’re going, but we may need some Snowrunner mods, so we’ve put together a handy guide looking at some of the best available. It’s worth setting your expectations now – we’re mainly talking about new vehicles here, with a few new maps thrown in for good measure.

It’s also worth pointing out that Snowrunner uses Mod.io, an up-and-coming platform that looks to try and break down the barriers between platforms so you can use the same Snowrunner mods on console as well. You can read more about Mod.io here as part of Humankind’s mod roll-out, but all you need to know is that while the mods are compatible with Steam, you’ll need to acquire any user modifications directly from Snowrunner’s Mod.io page.

Snowrunner mods

These are the best Snowrunner mods:

  • iX 3880 Heavy Wrecker
  • IS-2 Tank
  • GGMS Money Trucks
  • Off Road Trailers
  • TC’s 2020 YEET MOBILE
  • Red Canyon
  • Hellion ISV
  • RNG TX Bridge Layer
  • Limes Mud Park
  • Frog’s Monstrousity II

iX 3880 Heavy Wrecker

Currently the most popular mod on Mod.io, the IX 3880 Heavy Wrecker is an absolute beast of a heavy vehicle that has it all. It can be a flatbed, it can use a crane to lift things, it can even tow! There are reports of it not playing well with some other mods, but overall players have nothing but nice things to say about the Heavy Wrecker.

IS-2 Tank

Of course, when you’re presented with a game about beefy vehicles going off-road, there’s really one question worth asking: can we drive a tank? According to M181 and Poghrim the answer is ‘yes, basically’. This dynamic duo have collaborated to add the Soviet Union’s IS-2 Heavy Tank.

It doesn’t have tracks, as Snowrunner hasn’t been designed to accommodate these kinds of vehicles, but it can tackle almost any terrain. As far as we know the cannon doesn’t do anything, but we’ve always got our imaginations and the ability to shout “pew pew”.

GGMS Money Trucks

We imagine the life of a money truck driver is one drought with tension, knowing that there are many, many people who would love to get their hands on what you’re carrying. Now you can carry that tension into Snowrunner with this set of off-road GGMS money trucks that each have different amounts of money in them. You can even transfer money between them!

They don’t really do anything other than hold money, which we don’t think counts as money as far as what the game uses for purchasing vehicles. Perhaps you can get a friend to grab the tank and you can pretend you’re playing a round of money heist.

Off Road Trailers

It’s not all about fancy new vehicles though – you need decent off-road trailers as well to carry things. FOXCRF450RIDER is here with a mod that introduces 26 new trailers that the modder claims all drive a lot better than the vanilla trailers.

There will still be some oddities – mud flaps may clip through terrain, the suspension on various trailers might be a bit odd when unloaded, but overall if you’re looking to kit out your fleet with some sweet hauling gear, then this is the mod for you.


Just because this is a game about off-road driving doesn’t mean you can’t traverse all that rough terrain in style. The YEET Mobile is here to serve that very need. Forget the Tuz 420, how about this stylish sports car?

It has three modes: the typical ‘street’ configuration, but also two types of off-road variants that involve putting hilariously big wheels on a sleek and compact frame. The street version can even haul trailers.

Red Canyon

We interrupt our line of shiny new toys to introduce a new map – Red Canyon. Mainly for single-player, this picturesque slice of dusty Utah comes complete with 18 contracts and some tasks for you to keep busy. It’s a map that’s more about precision driving, balanced for stock 6×6 trucks, so you shouldn’t need to do much scouting.

Hellion ISV

Who needs Halo Infinite when you can just drive around in the Warthog all day? The Hellion ISV is a custom creation by M181 that’s inspired by Halo’s iconic off-road 4×4, but not a direct copy. It can load trailers, features multiple tyre options, and it looks sick. It may be a bit ‘OP’ in terms of how it can interact with the environment, but hey, you love to see it.

RNG TX Bridge Layer

Adding another touch of military-grade flare to Snowrunner, the Bridge Layer was created in response to some of the more challenging terrain additions introduced during the simulation game’s Phase 4 updates. In short, it allows you to lay down new bridges to drive over.

Unfortunately, the technical realities of this mod means that RNG TX Bridge Layer is more unstable than your typical vehicle mod, as the bridge itself can be quite finicky. Rather than summarise everything here, we recommend you check out the mod page and make sure you read up on everything you need to know about how the Bridge Layer works (or doesn’t in some cases).

Limes Mud Park

Another map mod, this doesn’t come with any contracts or anything to really do, other than revel in the mud. It’s a map dedicated to testing vehicles across different types of muddy terrain, laid out almost like an obstacle course for stunt cars.

Limes Mud Park comes with six trucks as part of the download, so you don’t need to use any of your own, but I imagine it’d be fun to grab the Hellion above and put it through its paces.

Frog’s Monstrousity II

Frog’s Monstrousity II is a 26-door OBS Ford with gigantic wheels that can basically traverse anything and looks like the stuff of nightmares. Is it needed? Absolutely not. Will it be fun to drive around in? Absolutely.

There you have it, our definitive list of the best Snowrunner mods. If you want more driving goodies, check out our guide to the best truck games. For something completely different, how about some plane games?